66 Analytics: Avoid Google & Keep Your Data Private By Self Hosting Analytics

A powerful self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics. Understand your users with real-time visitor analytics, session recording, and heat map tracking.

66 Analytics: Avoid Google & Keep Your Data Private By Self Hosting Analytics

Discover how to set up your own private analytics platform with 66Analytics, a self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics. This guide provides insights into setting up, configuring, and utilizing 66Analytics to gain insights into your website traffic while ensuring user privacy.

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Easy, friendly & privacy-focused web analytics - 66analytics

Introduction to 66Analytics

  • Overview: Introduction to 66Analytics as a private, self-hosted analytics solution.
  • Key Features: Real-time visitor analytics, session recordings, heat map tracking, and the ability to create SaaS plans for users.
  • Privacy Focus: Emphasizes data privacy with a promise to never sell user data.

Setting Up 66Analytics

  • Installation: Options for self-installation or using a service for a small fee. A bonus installation video is available in the Facebook group.
  • Configuring Your Site: Steps to add your website to 66Analytics and insert the tracking code into your site’s header.

Exploring 66Analytics Features

  • Real-Time Reporting and Visitor Analytics: Insights into who is visiting your site in real time, including device and location (without revealing IP addresses).
  • Heat Maps and Session Replays: Tools for understanding how users interact with your site, with privacy considerations in mind.
  • Website and User Management: Overview of managing added websites and setting up user permissions and teams.

Advanced Configuration

  • Creating Pages and Categories: How to add extra informational pages to your analytics site.
  • Setting Up Plans: Guide to creating billing plans for users with various permissions and limits.
  • Payment Integration: Requires an extended license for payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal.

Customizing Your Analytics Platform

  • Business Details and Invoicing: Options for setting up invoicing and business-related analytics.
  • Privacy Settings: Enabling Google reCAPTCHA and Facebook logins for added security and convenience.
  • Customizations: Adding custom JavaScript, social media links, and configuring email notifications.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

  • User-Friendly Interface: The simplicity and clarity of 66Analytics may appeal to business owners overwhelmed by Google Analytics.
  • Privacy Considerations: Ideal for those prioritizing privacy or needing a straightforward analytics solution.
  • Rating: An overall positive review, highlighting its broad utility beyond just privacy concerns.


66Analytics offers a compelling solution for anyone looking to host their own analytics platform. With its emphasis on privacy, ease of use, and customizable features, it provides a viable alternative to mainstream analytics tools. This guide outlines the steps to get started, from installation to creating a fully functional analytics service for your or your clients' websites.

Additional Resources

  • Installation Guide: Access to a bonus video on setting up 66Analytics in the Facebook group.
  • Product Link: A referral link to 66Analytics for those interested in exploring the platform further.
  • Community Support: Invitation to join the Facebook group for support and further discussions.

This comprehensive guide offers a starting point for setting up and customizing your analytics platform with 66Analytics, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to leverage this powerful software effectively.

Get 66 Analytics and support our content.

Easy, friendly & privacy-focused web analytics - 66analytics
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