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What’s up, everybody? It’s dave here from profitable Tools. And this is it. I am so excited to deliver my conclusion to my Copywriting Robot series. Now, I’ve spent a lot of time with these tools, and I feel pretty strongly about some of them.

And at least I know that robots aren’t going to take over any other industries. Right? Lines it up. What? What?

Look how it moves half court. No way.

In all seriousness, I’m very impressed with all of these tools and how far technology has come. Tell people, get out of things like writer’s block. That’s pretty impressive. But truly, this is just the beginning for GPT-3, the software behind all of the tools that I’ve reviewed. Just look at a few of the other things it’s already doing.

Just about a month ago, GitHub and OpenAI announced that they’re releasing some new software called Copilot that’s going to help people write software. So if you’re stuck when you’re writing software, it’ll suggest lines of code that it can complete your application. And what about images? There’s a new module for GPT-3 called Dolly, which is going to allow you to just type in what you want to see and then show you a bunch of creepy images, like an armchair in the shape of an avocado. And even the headlines are starting to read like they’re straight out of science fiction books.

This one is a grieving man is using AI to chat with his dead girlfriend. And guess what? They’re using GPT-3 AI software first developed by a research group co founded by Elon Musk. That is, of course, open. AI.

Wow. This stuff is really kidding. Mind blowing. It’s going to be super interesting to see where we’re at in one year. Are we going to be looking at reviews of software for Open AI images?

Reviews for software for Open AI code completion? Or maybe just a new best friend? Is the world going to turn into the movie her? All right, this is really fun to think about, but I know why you’re here. You want to know what I think are the best tools.

What are my recommendations? Well, let’s do this together. Of course, at the end of the video, I’ll tell you exactly what I think. No holds bar, but I want to know what you think. I put together a keynote project here, and I’m going to show you each of the results, and I’m going to hide the name.

I want you to tell me which one you think is the best result. So let’s get started with product descriptions. And hey, you know what? Leave your vote for your favorite one down in the comments. Now, if you’ve watched all of these videos and memorized all of the results, yeah, this is not going to be a very scientific process, but no one ever said it was going to be.

Full disclosure here. Before we get into the results, I tried to use the same inputs whenever possible going into the application, and the results you see have not been edited at all, with one exception. There was a result from Jarvis that had a person’s name in it because I used that tone of voice. I simply removed their name because I thought it would be too obvious which tool that was if I included the person’s name. Other than that, all of the text is exactly as it was as it came straight out of the application.

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Pause the video. Here we go. 54321. All right, here comes the results. Make sure you voted.

Don’t watch the results and then vote. That’s stupid. All right, so here is the reveal for number one. That one was writer. Here’s number two.

That one was ink. Here’s number three. That one was niches. Here’s number four. That one was copyai.

Here’s number five. This one was Jarvis. Here’s. Number six. This one is Copysmith.

And finally, that leaves, of course, right, sonic. So what do you think? How did your favorite product do? Did it line up with which one you thought had the best product description? All right, moving on.

Let’s tackle the Ada framework and yes, vote again. Leave another comment down below. It’s okay to vote twice. All right, here we go. All right, here’s number one.

And just a refresher here. I only focused on the attention or the headline, as well as the Call to Action or your buy button. I left the middle part out, not because it’s unimportant, but just to make things simpler, to kind of focus in on some specifics here. So the attention section is you’re looking for a way to start or grow your online business. The Call to Action is click this ad right now and sign up for free access to Profitable Tools Insiders.

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Call to action. Click this ad now and learn how we can help you take your business to new heights. All right, so you know what to do. It’s time to vote. The algorithm commands you help boost up this YouTube channel by leaving a comment below.

If you’re not ready, pause now because the results are coming. So here’s number one. Can you guess what this one is? It’s Jarvis. Here’s number two.

This one is copy, Smith. Here’s number three. This is ink. Number four. This one is writer.

Number five. This one is niches. Here’s number six. This is copyai. Finally, number seven.

This is write Sonic. So what do you think? My perception of the results change a little bit when I’m outside of the user experience of the application. I find that very interesting. Just subconsciously, I can’t separate myself from what the environment looks like as I’m reading the information for the first time.

It’ll definitely never be consumed there, so that’s probably pretty important. So remember in my very first video, I said that I’m going to be judging these tools based on the following criteria long form blog content, short form content, things like product descriptions, as well as the Ada format. Whether the content comes out as original or it gets flagged as plagiarism, the number of features or templates included with each software tool. The user experience. Is it whimsical and enjoyable to use?

Do I find myself dreading to open it? Or can I not wait to get started working with it? And finally, the overall value. I want to start off by talking about Copysmith. This is my pick for the best value if you’re only doing short form content.

I’m not saying it’s the best overall output, but I think it’s the best combination of features, user experience, and price. Let’s head over to their pricing page. Here. You can see it’s just $19 a month. That’s going to get you 50 credits.

So if you’re doing a bunch of WooCommerce product descriptions, that might be all you need. Or maybe you’re doing social media for your business. 50 credits could get you there. But if it doesn’t, you can always bump up to their unlimited plan, which is just $59 a month. Where this kind of falls down is if you need to do any long form content.

I just don’t think the writing experience right now in Copyai Smith is suited for long form content. Just doing short stuff, this is probably where to put your money. Next I want to talk about writer. This is an application that impressed me as well as many other people in terms of how it went about solving this specific problem of helping people write faster. What was unique about Writer is they kind of focused in on the long form content and didn’t really worry about having the traditional user interface that we’ve come to see all of the other GPT-3 tools have.

It pretty much just let you work inside of a word processor. It doesn’t have any other bells and whistles. And to be honest, I didn’t think the output was all that good. But if you’re only doing long form content. And maybe English isn’t your native language, or you’re trying to write for a language that you don’t natively speak.

This could be the place to go because it’s going to give you the best value for your money. For long form writing, you can see it’s just $29 a month to get unlimited characters. So unlimited usage. You can write as many long form pieces of content as you want for just $29 a month. That’s a pretty good value.

But the quality isn’t quite there. So Writer is my pick for best long form content editor when you’re on a tight budget. Next, let’s talk about ink. I think this is a tool not many people have heard of. And it’s very, very different from all of the others.

It basically is a standalone app. In order to use the long form content generator, you’re going to need a standalone app. Now, I would still recommend that people use Ink, and here is who I would recommend. Check out Ink. It’s going to be people who are already accomplished writers.

They’re looking for some SEO help and don’t mind having a little bit of GTP three available in the case that they just need a little nudging or want some ideas generated for them. I don’t think the outputs are there compared to Jarvis, and we’re starting to get into the same kind of price category. But Ink offers all of the SEO features that Jarvis doesn’t come with out of the box. So no surprise here. But the best overall product is Jarvis.

It does short form content. It does long form content. It’s got the most number of options and integrations. It’s simply the best product. And because of that, it comes at a price.

Go to the pricing section here. You can see that you’re looking at $119 a month. That’s where most people end up. You might think you’re going to start off on the starter plan, but eventually you’ll want those extra features. They’re very enticing.

So $119 a month might seem like a lot until you start hiring writers and realizing that creating content costs thousands and thousands of dollars per month. You’re still going to need to do your SEO research. You’re going to need to understand the desires and needs of your audience. And then you can use tools like Jarvis to address them. But you need to know all of the stuff that’s in the article.

It’s just going to help you get past that writer’s block. AI can shoot baskets, but it cannot write slam dunk content for highly competitive keywords in highly competitive markets just yet. One of the reasons that Jarvis can dominate is because they iterate so quickly. Between the time that I released my video yesterday and between the time I’m making this video today, they’ve already come out with a brand new feature. You can see it over here on the left hand sidebar called Recipes.

If you want to know more about how Jarvis recipes work, let me know down below, and I might have a video coming soon on that. So there we go. We’re coming to the Edd, finally of this copywriting series. My recommendations again are choose Jarvis if you can. It’s by far the best tool.

If you compare it with Surfer SEO, you’re going to get a very similar experience to using Ink, but with a lot higher quality output. The next step down from that would be Writer. If you just don’t have any money, you can only spend 20 or $30 per month. Choose writer below that. If you’re only doing social media content short form, then you can look at Copy Smith.

Those are my primary recommendations. You think otherwise? Definitely. Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear what you think or what you’re using and how you’re doing in terms of what results you’re getting.

All right, so that’s going to do it for this series. Once again, all of the links for all of the products I have reviewed are down below, as well as the Playlist, where you can find full length, at least 30 minutes review of each tool discussed throughout this series. Don’t really try to leave any stones uncovered, so hopefully I hit all of the pain points that you might have with any of these applications. You can see my thought process going through them. That’s going to do it for this video.

Make sure you sign up for the Facebook group as well as the newsletter. Those links are in the description as well, and I will see you in the next review. I hope your conversion rates continue to increase.

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