Software Deals For Creators

From video editing to course creation, here are my picks for content creators for Black Friday 2023.

Software Deals For Creators

I've created hundreds of YouTube videos and racked up well over a million views. Most of that, I've done as a solo creator, so I need tools that help me work quickly and make me better than I am. These are the Black Friday deals for the tools that I've road-tested for creating content for things like YouTube, social media graphics, and online course creation.

Pixelmator Pro – 50% Off, One Time Purchase

Pixelmator Pro
Pixelmator Pro is a powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor packed full of innovations.

Pixelmator is a MacOS "Photoshop" style application, but at a one time payment of $50 (currently 50% off, so $25) it certainly doesn't carry an Adobe like price tag. While Adobe has pulled ahead with its recent AI integrations, I actually prefer using Pixelmator for just about any design task.

Recut - 50% Off Lifetime Deal

Recut — Automatic Video Editor
Because nobody’s got time for making hundreds of tedious cuts by hand.

Recut is an automatic video editing tool, but it's not powered by AI. It just looks for silence and cuts it out. Simple right? But the fact that there is no AI involved means it's screaming fast and there is no need for any API calls, so a one-time payment makes a lot of sense.

AI editing apps like Gling are great, but to me, Recut does the job faster and more affordably.

Ecamm Live - 40% Off All Plans

Friday (Nov 24th) through to Cyber Monday (Nov 27th).

Ecamm Live - Powerful Live Streaming Platform for Mac
Powerful Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn Livestreaming platform for Mac.

For years, I used Ecamm Live to record all of my YouTube videos. I've since moved to a slightly more convoluted setup, but earn for the simplicity that Ecamm offered for screen recording... and that's not even it's primary use! Ecamm is a beast for live streaming, really the only app I'd consider for that purpose.

LearnDash - 40% Off All Plans

Black Friday Deals | LearnDash
Black Friday Deals Save 40% and upgrade your course experience for you and your customers. The most flexible membership plugin. Monetize your content and build a community. Turbocharge your courses with add-ons Add on ProPanel for $49/year Use advanced analytics to track enrollment, monitor assignme…

LearnDash is one of the only course platform that checks all my boxes. It provides a great learning experience without any coding or external themes, it supports sales funnels through integrations with third parties like CartFlows, and it's part of an open source ecosystem so I can modify and extended the functionality as I see fit, and it has an incredible set of integrations with other tools.

Presto Player - Up to 50% Off (Include LTD offers)

Presto Player

Lifetime Deals & Annual plans are discount this Black Friday.

Shop Presto Player

If you are posting video on a WordPress website, chances are it will look better and be more cost effective to upload them to Bunny and use Presto Player to display them on your site.

I use and recommend Presto on all my client sites. I recently switched a client over from Wistia to the Bunny/Presto. I migrated over 11 years and 400GB of videos. Performance of the site is improved and my client is saving thousands of dollars a year on hosting costs.

MotionVFX – Up to 50% Off 4 Products Each Week

Deals at MotionVFX — check out our current promos, discounts and codes
Looking for MotionVFX promo code? Here’s a page with all available promotions: coupons, discounts or any other deals that will make you happy. Find the best deal right now!

MotionVFX creates some of the best motion graphics templates for non-linear editors like Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Adobe Premier. If you create video tutorials like I do, I highly recommend checking out their mTutorial plug-in for a ton of create customizable motion graphics, but there are many other great plug-ins as well.

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links that I get a kickback from. When I make recommendations, they are made with confidence and without bias.