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Has the time finally come? Are the robots here to take all of our copywriting jobs? I’m a cybernetic organism. Could artificial intelligence do a better job at writing the intro to this video? Well, probably not, but that’s not entirely the point.

Stay tuned. You’ll see what’s going on, everybody. It’s Dave from Profitable Tools, where I show you software to grow your business. If you’re a digital marketer and online entrepreneur or a small a business owner, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We got new videos coming out all the time to help you improve your business.

Today we are looking at conversionai. Here is their sales page. Now, it says, let Jarvis write your keywords, your love letters. So the idea here is that Conversion AI has a bot or artificial intelligence, which they call Jarvis, and it writes copy for you. Now, we’ve seen on this channel over the years, I’ve reviewed other tools that do artificial intelligence copywriting, and they’ve pretty much all stunk, just to be honest.

But I have played around a little bit with Conversion AI. Very skeptically, I might add. And I was actually really impressed. So my goal for this video is to dig in much deeper and really, you know, round out my opinion. And you’re going to see my live reactions to that.

Now, I’ve got two other reasons that I’m optimistic about this tool. First of all, I know WP Developer. I don’t know them personally, but I know of them and they are very good marketers. They understand direct response copywriting, which is an art in two of itself. You need to train and practice to be a good copywriter.

And they are. So if they’re going to train artificial intelligence to be good copywriters, they better be good themselves. The other reason I’m optimistic about it is they don’t make misleading claims like this is going to allow you to fire your copywriter. No, not at all. In fact, they say this is going to get you about 80% of the way there.

You’re still going to need to take the outputs from this tool and beef it up in order to have really good copy. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at the tool. All right, so I’m going to get myself out of the way here. It is still early days in the user interface of Conversion AI. So they’ve got these templates here.

As you scroll through, you can see we’ve got things like the aida framework. So it’s going to be attention, interest, desire, and action. Basically, the idea here, we can go into it and see what it looks like. You enter in your company name, put a product description, a tone of voice, and it’s going to pump out the aida formula. We’ll get into that in a little bit.

I think that’s one of the more useful templates. I just want to show you some of the other ones that they have here. So the main idea is that if you’ve got a particular scenario, let’s say you’re doing Facebook ads, you could have it write a Facebook ad headline or the primary text to your Facebook ad. They’ve also got templates for YouTube, right? So I’ve got the video titles, right?

We could have it generate a title for this video. We could have it generate the hook and introduction to this video. And I think I will try that out and see if we can do a better job than I did. So lots of different scenarios post captions for Instagram, some really, really interesting use cases, and they say they’re going to add hundreds of templates like this. So I think that’s one way you can make artificial intelligence get really good is by giving it a little bit more restriction.

It’s not just, hey, write me a sales letter. It’s write me a caption using some parameters. I think that is a lot more interesting use case. So as I mentioned, the user interface is still on the early side. So think eventually they’ll have some workflows where you could go, let’s say I’m going to make a YouTube video and you can go step 12345 and they’ll kind of walk you through the process.

But the way it is right now, we could start with something like a video title. Let’s do this. So the first field here says, what is the video about? Let me go ahead and enter a about description. All right.

I put how to improve your Copywriting with conversionai. The keyword I want to rank for is conversion AI and the tone of voice, let’s say, is Professional. All right. Now the next step is to generate some outputs by default. This might be set depending on the template you’re on to a high number.

Basically the idea with outputs is how many iterations of this idea do you want the artificial intelligence to try to generate? I recommend starting with a lower number because you’re going to be charged with how many words the artificial intelligence generates. So if you start at a high number and your inputs are bad, you have a chance to just waste some credits. So let me go ahead and start with a single output and I’ll generate the AI content now. All right, so I got my output.

It actually gave me two different headlines in the single output. The first one is new. Interesting way to improve your choices with conversion. AI. Don’t really love that the word choices is interesting.

We’d have to definitely spruce it up a little bit. The next one is how conversionai is changing copywriting with contextual. Tweets. All right, so not super impressive there. This is one of their newer templates.

So maybe this one won’t kind of blow us away right out of the gates. Let’s go ahead and try another output. All right. The second batch I think is a lot better. The first one is kind of off the market says how to build a regal business with copywritely.

But the next one I like comprehensively crush your competition with these conversion AI tactics. The third one says, a brand new approach to creating sales pages that stick. And the fourth one is Autopilot earnestly getting traffic and turning prospects into paying clients. So this one is more like what I’ve seen in other tools where it’s just like a bunch of words stuck together. But I kind of like this one right here, comprehensively Crush Your Competition.

That has a nice kind of mouthed sound to it. And a brand new approach to creating sales pages is also a good place to work from. So it’s not going to be the exact like we said, it’s going to get you about 80% of the way there. You still want to tweak this, you could say a brand new approach to creating sales pages and comprehensively crush your competition. That’d be a little long, but you get the idea.

There’s at least some places to jump off from. There are some buttons at the top. Let me just quickly explain what they do. So the first one is a star. This allows you to add it to your favorites and be able to access this information quickly.

The next one just copies it to your clipboard. Then we have a trash button over here, so if it’s garbage, you never want to see it again. Like, maybe I’m not really a big fan of this one. I’ll go ahead and delete this and if something’s completely way off and you think, wow, this is a mistake, you can actually flag it over here as bad content. Leave a note as to why it is bad content now.

They say in the future they’re going to be crediting you for at least to a certain point when it generates content that you deem as bad, they’ll give you some of your credits back. As I mentioned, this is on a by word basis right now. It’s not really working that way because they’re early on. So there’s many ways you can get free credits with conversionai, one of which I will link to in the description. So that will kind of buffer things as they work out that system.

All right, so now that I’ve favorited the output over here, I can click on content up top and I will see that content available to me to use at any point. It will be saved to my account. I actually want to grab one of these headlines, so I’m going to click on it. It opens up in a little light box here. I’m going to use this one right here.

And what we are going do is we’re going to put this into another template. Let’s go back over to templates, scroll down to the video script and introduction, and I’m going to paste that video title in. I’m actually not even going to change it I think it’s pretty good. Comprehensively crush your competition with these conversion AI tactics. Let’s do tone of voice is competent, and it’s going to be output in English.

I don’t need to add anything there. Conversion AI does support several languages. Jarvis knows english, french, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, dutch, polish, chinese, russian, and japanese. So that is pretty good. I’m going to stick with English because I only know one.

I know it’s kind of sad. All right, let’s generate three outputs from this headline. All right, so I got my outputs, and they’re not entirely bad. I definitely would need to tweak them a little bit to fit with the tone of this channel, but I think I could definitely work from them. Let’s look at the second one right here.

So the first part is the hook that plays right at the beginning of the video. And then we’ve got the introduction before the video actually starts. So usually maybe, like, the animation sequence would roll right in between these. So here it says, if you want to crush your competition and get more sales without increasing traffic, then it’s time for you to learn conversionai that will take your business from average to exceptional. Not bad, right?

I mean, it’s not terrible. You definitely pump that up to make a little bit more sense with conversion AI, but I think that is a good place to begin. Then we’ve got the introduction. It says, in this video, I’m going to show you how we can use some simple conversionai strategies in order to take our business from average all the way up to the league of its own. Today I’m going to go over some of my favorite strategies called the one page website.

This strategy has been so right there where we’d have to fill in the blank with some of my favorite strategies called the one page website. I need to replace that with an actual strategy. So Jarvis is just kind of making stuff up there. It’ll do that with, let’s say, testimonials as well. They’ll say our company has worked with Apple and Hewlett Packard.

They doesn’t know about your company, so you have to replace that with some of your actual clients. Okay, so it says, today I’m going to go over one of my favorite strategies called the one page website. This is a strategy that has been proven by many successful companies and entrepreneurs worldwide, which helps reduce customer anxiety, increase conversions, and have more leads than ever before. So please keep watching because after this video today, you’ll never be able to, and then it kind of leaves you hanging. I also like this hook down here.

It says, in this video, I’m going to show you how to massively crush your competition with these conversion AI tactics that have been proven to get over five times more conversionai than the average person. That one is really good, so I could definitely work with that. Again, the numbers. It’s just going to throw numbers in. So you need to know what the actual numbers are for your situation.

You’d want to find that and replace them. All right, back out to the templates. Let’s look at some other ones. So the next template I want to show you is called the Review Responder. The idea here is you get a lot of reviews for your business.

It’d be really good if you could respond to everybody, but that takes a lot of time. So why not have a Role bot do it for you? All right, so let’s click on this and see what it’s all about. We need a company and product name, the reviewer’s name, the rating the person gave them, the tone of voice, and the customer reviews. So you put in the review over here on the left, and it’s going to spit out a reply that you can just copy and paste over on the reviewer over on the right.

Let’s try it. All right, I got a comment here from my YouTube channel. I’m just going to copy this, paste it in at the bottom. All right, I filled in all of the fields. Let’s go ahead and generate some outputs here.

I’ll do three again. All right, so these are some decent outputs. Now, to be honest, they’re not so far out of what I could just write. And it would probably take me about the same amount of time to actually just write something back as it would to fill out this little form, but they make sense. So the first one says, thanks so much for your feedback.

I’m glad you found the video helpful. If there’s anything I can do to make it better, let me know. The second one is, thanks for your review. I’m glad to hear that Fluent Forms was able to solve a problem you had with other form builders. That line right there doesn’t feel like artificial intelligence.

I’m glad that Fluent Forms was able to solve a problem you’ve had with other form builders. That sounds really like someone’s understanding the situation. And the last one is, thanks for taking the time to review our video. We’re glad we could help. So again, these all make total sense.

I could copy and paste any one of them and it would work out. We will get into some beefier copywriting examples in a second, but I want to look at a few more of the unique kind of fun ones that they’ve got built in here. Let’s check out the email. Subject lines say, the company is profitable tools. Tone of voice is excited.

Then the next field says, what is this email about? In the example it shows me is, this email is promoting the launch of our new software. So I said, this email is promoting the launch of our new premium membership, which will provide in depth training to help people start or grow an online business. Let’s go ahead and generate some content here. All right.

So the outputs in this case, I think, are pretty weak. So it says, starting your own business, launch time. Those are definitely things that I didn’t really need help to come up with. And then the third one it gave me is exactly what I put in the description over here. So I’m actually going to flag this one.

I just put output is the same as input. Let me go ahead and beef up the body here. You can see them only using 152 characters out of the possible 400. So I want to make sure that I elaborate a little bit more here. All right.

So I’m up to 337 characters, added a little bit more information. Definitely didn’t take any time to make sure it sounded nice. Let’s go ahead and generate some output. All right, so the first two are actually quite a bit better. Ready to start your first online business.

And then the second one is, you’re invited. Take your online business to the next level. I think that fits very much with what I wrote that the email is about. The third one again, however, definitely needs to be flagged again because it’s exactly what I put as the input. So I’ll write the same message.

All right. And it says, thank you for your feedback at the top. All right, let’s get into the Ada framework right here, which is probably the most exciting template that they have because this is what copywriters have used for a very long time, probably 100 years plus to write direct response copywriting. It’s one of the most effective ways. It’s a great place to start as a foundation.

You can take some of this information and put it into some of the other templates afterwards. All right, so I’ve got a product. It’s going to be the Profitable Tools membership. So you can support the channel. Send a little bit of love this way.

Wrote a description over here saying we’re going to be creating exclusive additional content, helping people build websites. Let’s see what it spits out for an Ada framework here. All right, let’s read through a few of these. I’m going to start with the first one. It says, you’re here because you want to start or grow an online business.

But what if you had a team of experts guiding you every step of the way? We have been helping people build their first websites and launch profitable WooCommerce businesses for years now. We are taking our knowledge to the next level by creating premium courses that will teach you how to do it yourself. With the Profitable Tools Premium membership, you’ll get access to all of our in depth training videos on building your own website and launching your own ecommerce store. Plus, we’ve got some great bonuses lined up for members only.

Click this link now and sign up for a seven day free trial after that. It’s only $9 a month or $99 a year so that we can keep making awesome content like this video series. Wow. I mean, that’s pretty much perfect, right? I probably changed the pricing whether or not I have a free trial.

A lot of that information was written really, really intelligently. It doesn’t sound robotic. All right, let’s just check out one more. This one caught my eye. It says, you’re probably wondering what is profitable tools.

We help people start and grow their online businesses. Our members learn how to build websites, create ecommerce stores, and sell information products online. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or just looking for a side hustle. We have something for everyone. I mean, come on.

That’s pretty good. I’m a copywriter. I’ve done professional copywriting work that would take me a while to tweak and get it to sound as nice and fluid. I can improve upon it for sure, but it is really nicely done. All right.

It ends with with our premium membership. You’ll get access to all of our courses on building your own website and creating your first product. Plus we’ll be able to show you how to take the information that’s already in your head and turn it into a course that sells on platforms like Udemy or Teachable. That’s pretty great. Now, we don’t have a call to action on this one, which is is pretty interesting, meaning that the AI was a little bit broken here.

But I could always grab a call to action from any of the other ones or just write my own call to action. All right, let me go ahead and start this one right here. Back over in the content section. I just want to point out that you can see all of the content that you’ve generated as well as your favorites. There is a search bar here, so you can kind of go through stuff and you can organize things by projects.

So if you’re doing things for clients or you have multiple businesses, you can go ahead over here and add as many any projects as you want. There’s no limits on how many projects you can create. It all goes towards your same monthly quota of however many words are in your plan. So what I want to do next is try the content improver. So the idea here is that I can grab something maybe like this one right here, this interest.

I’m going to grab this, go back out to the templates, and here is the content improver. And basically what this will do is I can put in the content that it’s already generated and I can maybe change the tone of voice, switch languages, and it’s going to improve it for me. And so I’m going to make this one funny like it gave as an example. I think that would be great to add a little bit of humor here. Let’s see what it does.

All right, so remember, we’re starting from. We help people start and grow their online businesses. Our members learn how to build websites, create ecommerce stores, and sell information products online. And from that we’ve got all of these other alternatives online. WooCommerce is booming, and we have the perfect program for anyone looking to get a piece of the action.

That definitely sounds a little bit less computer generated. I like that. What are you looking for? Want to start your own online business but don’t know where to begin? We got you.

Our members learn how to build websites, create ecommerce stores, and sell information products online. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or just looking for a side hustle. We have something for everyone. So let’s say that definitely improved it, right? So that’s kind of the process us, I would go through if I started with this.

I start to beef it up and that’s getting me a lot closer. Now they’re not all perfect. This one right here says we’re a bunch of 20 something millennials looking to start their own business and we’re here to help. So that doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? Because we’re looking to start our own business and we’re here to help you start yours.

I don’t think I would buy that. All right. I want to try just a few more templates. I’d love to go through them all, but obviously this video would get very long if I did. So I’m going to check out the perfect headline.

And my idea here is I’m going to go over to the client, which is the digital marketing agency that I am a member of, and I’m going to copy our product description here for website design, right? So I’m just going to grab what we’ve got here. I’m going to get everything and just paste it in over into Jarvis. All right, so I ended up saying WordPress Website Design and Development as the product name. I just copy and pasted the description over here.

I’m a little bit low on the number of characters. I might want to beef that up. I’m going to give the avatar. As online creators, we’ll do a confident tone of voice and let’s see what they give me. Even though I’m a little bit low on the product description characters.

All right, these are not entirely bad. The ultimate WordPress website for small brands. Get a new optimize and conversion focus website in weeks, not months. Work with experts to get the most out of your online presence. Get a free quote and website audit for your WordPress summary.

Optimize and convert your WordPress site with our agency. And then once again, the last example is just the same as the input. So I’m going to report that one again. All right, so these headlines were okay. They didn’t blow me away.

I think so far the most impressive thing has definitely been the aida template. All right, we’re going to wrap this video up after looking at just one more template, I want to go ahead and look at this one right here, the Facebook ad headline. And this template uses a really cool feature that they use sporadically throughout the platform, in that you can use examples. So if you have examples of ads that are already converting for your business or maybe a competitor’s ad that you really like, you can feed that into the platform and they’ll spit out other things in the same style. So let’s go ahead and steal from one of the best.

Here’s Frank Kern’s Facebook website. I’m going to scroll down to his page transparency section. Go ahead, open this up. What this is going to allow me to do is see all of his ads that he’s currently running. So one of the things they’ll do is tell you how long the ad has been running.

So these have all been launched within the last few days. I’m going to scroll down to the bottom because the ones that have been running for a very long time, those are most likely going to be more profitable ads, right? Because he hasn’t killed them already. All right, so this ad has been running since September 16 of 2020. He’s actually using the same headline, in fact, most of the same copy, just with different images.

So this must be a pretty good line here. Let me go ahead and copy this. It says you don’t have to spend six figures a month on ads to make them work. It’s a myth at Bus most often. All right, great.

So let’s head back over to conversionai, and I’m going to paste this in as an example. Let’s say our product is Learn Facebook ads. So I’m over here on the Facebook for Business website where they actually have courses for people to learn how to do Facebook ads. They’ve got a section here for brands and agencies. I’m going to go ahead and open this up and I’m just going to copy some of this text here.

Let’s put that into our product description. And maybe I’ll actually change the direction here. I’ll say learn Facebook ads for agencies. All right, let’s see what it gives us. All right, so we’ve got if you’re tired of wasting money on Facebook ads, here’s the number one reason why.

The next one is. And I think that’s actually fairly decent because a lot of people do get frustrated with Facebook ads and they don’t see results. Discover the one thing keeping you from taking full advantage of Facebook ads again, has a nice little information gap, keeps you reading. Learn Facebook Ads with the industry’s top experts. Save time and money with these free Facebook ad templates and Facebook ads for agencies.

Learn the tips and tricks to save you time, money, and sanity. All right, so not all of these are amazing, but they’re not terrible either. I think they’re, again, a good place to jump off from all right, so there it is. The good, the bad, and the kind of ugly, the off conversionai. So we saw some examples, right, where it was just outputting the same thing as what I put in as input.

I would love to get those credits back, marking them as junk. I think I should get those words back. If you’re going to build me by the word, make sure all the words you give me are actually useful words. I think that is fair. Seems like the team agrees that that’s a feature they’re going to be adding in in the future.

I think that’s going to come really, really soon. That’d be great to see. The other things that are kind of bothering me is I loved it. See those workflows, they mentioned that they’re going to do it, but it’s an obvious thing when you look at the user experience. If I’m making a YouTube video, I want to go step by step through the process.

If I’m doing a blog post, I want to do step by step through the process. Once they add those few things and man, I think this is going to be a really, really killer product if you think about it. Maybe if you’re doing one or two products, why would you need a tool like this? But if you’ve got an WooCommerce store with 500 or 1000 products and you need descriptions for all of them, that’s where this type of tool is really, really going to be a timesaver, right? Or if you’re doing Facebook ads for clients and you want to have five or six different ad angles for your clients, this can be a great way to get some ideas.

I think there is a lot of potential in here, more than I’ve seen in other similar products. So I’m going to go ahead and give conversionai a 7.8 out of ten. I’d be happy to revisit this software as it matures a little bit. I think there is a ton of potential here. If you want to go ahead and get signed up for a Conversion AI account, I do have a link in the description that will be my referral link for the channel.

If you use that to create your account, you’re actually going to get 10,000 bonus words. You still need to sign up as a paying member, but you’ll get 10,000 extra words added to your account. They’ll never expire. They’ll just stay with you until you use them up. So definitely check that out if you’re interested.

Otherwise me a comment down below. Let me know what you think of Conversion AI. You got other tools that you prefer? I’d like to hear about them as well. That’s going to do it for this video.

I’ll see you in the next review.

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