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Anybody who works from home or in a busy open office environment knows how difficult it is to seem professional when you’ve got your child screaming in the background. Or perhaps your colleagues are chatting about their weekend shenanigans while you’re trying to sell some products. Well, there’s a new deal at AppSumo called Krisp. This is a tool designed to remove background noises from your calls in this video. So you’re going to be meeting my two year old daughter, Moxie.

I’m going to be putting the tool to a pretty stringent test where I actually hold her in my lap and see how well it does at eliminating her voice. So we’re going to find out how this thing works. Stay tuned. If you’re new around here, make sure you click that subscription button and hit the notification bell to get notified when new reviews are posted. So today we’re talking about Chris, and let’s just get right into this.

So this is a really simple app. You’ll install it on your Windows machine or your Macintosh, and it just lives up here in the dock or the Taskbar on a Mac machine. And basically it’s going to look at the audio devices that you have connected and kind of put a layer of artificial intelligence in between and try to remove any sound that would possibly get in the way of your actual voice. So you can see right now I have the noise off and I’m in a pretty quiet environment. So if I toggle this on, you’re probably not going to hear any change.

However, in a moment, I’m going to grab my daughter and I’m going to read some lyrics to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody while I toggle this on and off so we can really hear I’ll be tickling her at the same time, we can really hear how well this software is able to perform. She’ll be right here in my lap. The microphone is just a few inches away, really, maybe a foot maximum. So I’m not exactly expecting this to be incredible, but let’s see what happens. All right, so my two boys are in the room next door starting a bath.

And then I’ve got my two year old daughter here.

So right now I have the application off. I’m going to turn on right now and let’s hear how it does. So I’m just going to keep talking. The kids are screaming in the background. I can toggle this back on and see if they stop screaming now, of course, but you probably could be able to hear them.

Now there was a scream, a pretty good one, so we’ll see how this sounds. I can’t really tell the difference because I don’t have headphones on, but I’m sure she’s hitting the microphone. That’s not going to do very good. But she is talking right now. So I’ll go ahead and have muted her.

She’s still making noise pretty hard to test this. I don’t think I’d be able to focus. If I was on a sales call talking like this. Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? Caught in the landslide no escape from reality open your eyes look up to the skies and see I’m just a poor boy I need no sympathy because I’m easy come, easy go little high, little low any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me to me you did great, Moxie.

Can you say goodbye to the people? Bye, Wave. Good girl. So I think the results really do speak for themselves. When I turned on the software, the sound of my screaming children all but disappeared.

However, there is a side effect that the sound of my speaking voice definitely became worse as well. Now, just a little bit of background here. I’m using some more professional level audio equipment. It’s not ultra high end, but this microphone costs about $350. It’s a sure SM seven B and I’m running it into about $150 audio interface.

A focus, right? Two. I two. So it’s a little bit higher end setup than most people will be using to make their standard Skype call. Now, the end result is that when I turned on the software, my voice sounded like it was going more through like a cell phone microphone.

It wasn’t as clear or as crisp. But that said, the caller on the other end would think I’m just talking into a normal microphone. They wouldn’t think anything of it. They just wouldn’t hear the kids screaming. So that is the desired result.

So if this is a problem you have, crisp seems to solve it rather easily. It’s a single button. You turn it on, it does its job. You gotta like that. There’s no settings, nothing to fiddle with.

I’m going to have to give this a pretty high score. I’m going to give it a 8.9. Little bit harsher on the voice quality degradation that I want, but overall, I’m pretty impressed that it was able to remove so much noise from the background. That’s going to do it for this review. If you want to buy Moxie a new toy, make sure you click the link in the description.

That is the referral link for this channel. So if you go on to make a it will kick us back a few dollars here and help us support the channel. I appreciate you watching. Make sure you leave me any comments or questions down below. I will respond to each and every one and I’ll see you in the next review.

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