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Let’s go ahead and make a purchase. This should kick us over to our Upsell. There we go. There is Ty Lopez with our upsell page. We can go ahead and add this to our order as well, or we can hit no thanks and then I’ll take you over to the downsell page.

Let’s start off by going to the downsell page. Alright, there is Russell on stage and we have the opportunity to buy our Upsell. Let’s go ahead and add this. And now I should be taken to the thank you page where I can see my order orders. I’ve got my $1,000 advanced course.

I’ve got the beginner course and the audio offer, which was the bump offer with the primary order.

What’s up everybody? It’s dave here from profitable Tools. In this video we’re going to look at how to build funnels without Woo. Of course. I mean woo commerce.

This is going to be a replacement for something like Click Funneldash, Cart Flows, or even Thrive Cart. Now that’s not to disparage any of those products. I use and enjoy all of them for certain projects, but sometimes you want to be able to build a funnel in WordPress without using WooCommerce. And that’s what this video is all about. So without further ado, we’re going to get right into this.

I’m going to give you an overview of the funnel I’m going to be building throughout this video. So I want to sell a beginner level course for $100. That’s going to be our primary offer. Now we are going to include a bump offer which will be a digital download. It’s going to be an audio file that you’ll be able to download.

That’s going to be an additional $29. Then of course, they’ll complete their order and instead of going right to the thank you page, we’re going to hit them when their wallet is still open. This is a known way to really increase the average cart value. So we’re going to go right into an Upsell where they can actually buy a $2,000 per year advanced course with a weekly Mastermind. So we’re going right from a $100 offer up to a very expensive offer.

Now, if they don’t take that, we’re going to go to a downsell which is going to be an advanced course all alone without the Mastermind for a one time price of $1,000. Finally, after that, they will be taken to a thank you page. So this is a very common type of sales funnel. If you’re selling any sort of high end consulting, you’ll kind of offer something a little bit more affordable and then right away you can offer something higher end to people who want more results right away. Now we’re going to be using Learn Dash to create our courses.

And I’m going to need to create three different courses here. We’re going to need a beginner level course. That will be our primary offer. We’ll need an advanced course that will be our downsell. And then we need the advanced course with the Mastermind as the upsell.

I’m going to keep that as a separate course even though content would overlap a lot because we’ll also post recordings of the mastermind right to that course. So it’s easier to keep things organized if everything is separated out. I’ve got a demo WordPress site already created. We are using Learn Dash for our courses. You can see I went ahead and just created three courses here, like we just talked about, the advance with the Mastermind, that is the upsell, the advanced course that is the downsell, as well as the Beginner Course, which is our primary product for that bump offer.

Remember, I’m going to do an audio file. This will be a digital download and I’m going to protect it using Wishlist member. Back over in WordPress, we’ll go to the Media library. I’ve got my MP3 here of my digital download. Let’s go ahead and upload it over in Wishlist member.

I’ve already created a membership level and called it Audio Purchase. There are other ways we could do this, but I think this is the simplest way. So let’s go ahead and protect this content. Look over here where it says Content Protection. I’m going to go down to the bottom where it says Files.

Let’s enable file protection. I’ll select my MP3, choose an action, and add levels to Content. Then I’m going to choose the level that I created earlier, hit Audio Purchase and add to Level. Now we can see it’s been updated and protected against download unless you’re a member of the audio purchase membership. Next, I’m going to need to add some pages to my WordPress website.

I’m going to need a beginner’s course sales page. I’ll need an advanced course Sales page. That will be my Upsell page. And then I’m also going to need an advanced course Sales page as the downsell page. Beyond that, we’re just going to need a simple checkout page as well as a thank you page to send people after they’ve completed their purchase.

Let’s get started with this beginner’s course sales page. Now, as usual, I’m using the Astra theme to build out this website, which also means I can use their Astra Starter Sites plugin to find a good template to use as a jumping off point for my sales page. Let’s go ahead and add a template right now. I’ll go under appearance starter templates. Look at this Learn Academy template.

I’ll grab this home page and just import that one page into my site. Let’s go ahead and edit this page just a little bit.

All right, we got a new, much more catchy headline, and I’ve made the buttons red so people will be sure to buy it. I’ll just rename this page so that we can keep track of it. We’ll call it beginner course. Give it the slug Beginner Update. Now, we need to add in this advanced Course Sales page.

Let’s do that. This time I’ll do pages, add new edit with elementor. I’ll grab another template from Astra right inside of Elementor. This time I’ll grab the about page and we’ll import this one. All right, let’s customize this so it functions as our Upsell page.

All right, this is looking like a great Upsell page. Let’s publish it. Of course, we need to rename this as well, and let’s give it a new slug. Next, we’re going to need to make the downsell page, which will basically be the same thing as the Upsell page, but without the mastermind course. For this, I’ll just turn this page into a template and then reuse it on another page.

Go to the folder here, choose my templates. Here’s our upsell page. I’ll just insert this. Of course, we need another headline so we can recognize that this is a separate page.

All right, here we go. All set. This is our downsell page. So next we need to create the Checkout page and the thank you page using some short codes from the Upsell plug in. To do this, I’m going to create two new pages.

One I’ll call Checkout and another I’ll call thank you back. Over in the Upsell plugin under Settings and then Pages, we can see there’s a couple of short codes we need to add to our checkout page, as well as to our Order Summary page. You can also choose the pages that you just created right here from this drop down list. The only thing that needs to be on those pages is these short codes. You can, of course, there’s design them however you like.

If you want to add in testimonials other custom messages, you can definitely do that. But those short codes must be on the pages for the app to function properly. Let’s copy the Upsell checkout shortcode. I’m going to go ahead and edit this adpage. I’ll edit it with elementor.

We’ll add a two column layout here. On one side, I’ll add the shortcode, and on the other side, I’ll add maybe some testimonials. All right, let’s update this page. Next, let’s create the Order Summary page, or as I like to refer to it, the thank you page. I’m going to grab this shortcode right here.

We’ll go back over to our pages under thank you. Let’s go ahead and open this up with Elementor. We’ll add a new section. We’ll make this fit to screen. I’ll add in a nice little message here.

We’ll add a little bit of padding. Of course, we have to include the short code. Paste that in, maybe add a little bit of padding. Go ahead and update. All right, so now we have all of the pages created inside of WordPress.

The only thing left to do is go ahead and set up everything inside of the Upsell plug in. So we’re going to need to add four products. We’ll have our beginner course, our advanced course. With the Mastermind, our advanced course, as well as the audio presentation over an Upsell plugin, I will go down to Products and hit Add New. We’re going to start with our beginner course.

This is $100 and it is a digital product. This is going to be a single payment, not a subscription. And I don’t need to turn on product quantity because you’re only going to buy one. There’s a header and footer section, so I can inject some codes here. If I like under URL options, I want to put in the URL of our Upsell.

Let’s go over to Pages and grab that URL. I’ll paste that in there. If we had a downsell, we’d put it under Skip purchase redirect URL. But because this is our primary product, we don’t have a downsell for this product. We are going to have an Order Bump for this product, but I’ll have to come back in a second and add that in.

Because I haven’t created the audio product yet. I’m going to go down to integrations and choose the Beginner Learn Dash Course. This will way when someone buys, they will automatically be enrolled in the beginner level Learn Dash Course. I’m also going to turn on account creation so that when someone buys, they automatically have an account set up on my WordPress website. Let’s add another product.

This time I’ll do the audio presentation so that we can add that as our bump order to our primary offer products. Add new. This one’s $29. It’s a digital product. Under Digital.

I’ll go ahead and add the media file right over here where it says file to download. That’s where I want to attach the MP3. I could add multiple files here if I wanted to. Let’s go ahead and publish this one. Let’s go back to our beginner course and add the audio offer as our Bump offer.

We’ll go over to order Bump and we’ll choose our audio offer. Let’s give it a nice headline and we’ll add a product image for the Order Bump as well. I’m just going to choose this guy. You can have the Bump offered checks by default if you want. That seems a little bit sleazy to me, so I will leave that off and let’s go ahead and publish.

Oh, I almost forgot. Forgot. For our audio offer, we need to integrate this with Wishlist members so that people have access. Let’s open this back up and we’ll go to integrations. Choose Enable Wishlist Member and we’ll choose our corresponding membership level that we’ve set up at the beginning of the video.

Hit update. All right, all that’s left now is to add our two remaining courses, the advanced course with the Mastermind and the standalone advanced course. Let’s start off with the advanced Course with the Mastermind and go to Add New. This one’s going to be $2,000. It’s a digital product, but it’s going to be a subscription.

It’s going to charge yearly. Since this is going to go on until the customer cancels, I’ll leave the charge recurring limit off. You could offer a subscription trial if you wanted, but I don’t. And let’s create our last course to downsell the advanced course without the Mastermind. This one’s a one time purchase of $1,000, and we’ll connect this up in Learn Dash as well.

Turn on account creation and hit update. All right, now that we’ve got all of our products added into the Upsell plugin, and we’ve got the sales pages built out with Elementor, we have to connect the two. So we’re going to get some URLs from our products and add them to the Buy buttons on our Elementor page. We’ll start off with the Beginner course, our primary offer. I’ll open that up inside of the Upsell plugin.

Then we’re going to go to URL options. Right here we have the Purchase URL. That’s the URL we want to use for the Buy button. I’ll copyai it, go ahead and open up that page, the Beginner course. Then we’ll go over to the button right here and paste in our Buy button update.

Go ahead and add it to the Buy button at the bottom of the page as well. After someone buys our primary offer, they’re taken to the Upsell page, which is our advanced course with the Mastermind. So let’s go ahead and grab the URL from that product inside of the Upsell plugin and connect it to our sales page. We’ll open up the Advanced Course product, go over to the URL options, grab that purchase URL, edit the page with Elementor. We’ll go ahead and change the button right here to direct to the purchase page.

Now, because this is an Upsell and we also have a downsell, we want to add in a Skip URL that’s located right here. I’m going to go ahead and copy that, and then I’m going to go ahead and add it to this text that I’ve added below the button. And we’ll just add a link in here. Go ahead and update. Then finally, let’s handle that down cell.

Let’s open up the advanced Course without the Mastermind and do the same thing. We’ll go over to URL options, grab our Purchase URL, edit the sales page in Elementor, change the button URL, hit Update. We’ll grab our skip URL as well. Even though there’s not another down Sell, we can give someone the option to finish their transaction. Add that to the text below the button, go ahead and hit Update.

And there we should be good. Let’s go ahead and check out the funnel that we’ve built. We’ll start off at the Beginner course page. This is our sales page for the primary offer. I’ll go ahead and hit the Buy button.

It’s going to kick me over to my Cart page that I built here. Now this is just a standard Elementor page. You can customize this to look however you like. You’d go ahead and enter your billing details. There is a Bump offer down here.

Now, I didn’t take any time to style this adpage. There are quite a few styling options over in the Upsell plugin. So for example, if I want to change the background color, I could do that, or I could even style the order bump. Let’s give it a border color of red and we’ll do dotted. We’ll change the background color.

We’ll make the description text color a little bit darker. We’ll make the checkbox text size larger and darker as well. And we’ll make it bold. All right, let’s go ahead and update this. Now, this is the bump offer that we just styled.

Let’s go ahead and refresh the page. There we go. Now, it’s not beautiful, but you get the point. You could style this to look really nice. Let’s go ahead and make a purchase.

This should kick us over to our Upsell. There we go. There is Ty Lopez with our upsell page. We can go ahead and add this to our order as well, or we can hit no thanks and I’ll take you over to the Downsell page. Let’s start off by going to the Downsell page.

All right, there is Russell on stage and we have the opportunity to buy our Upsell. Let’s go ahead and add this. And now I should be taken to the thank you page where I can see my orders. I’ve got my $1,000 advanced course, I’ve got the beginner course and the audio offer, which was the bump offer with the primary order. If I wanted to download my MP3, I can do that right here.

So there you have it. That’s how you build a sales funnel in WordPress without using WooCommerce. So what do I like about this plug in? Well, I love the fact that you can do this without using click funnels or without having to have WooCommerce with a series of expensive add ons. I also like that it works with any page builder.

I like Elementor, but maybe you like Divvy or Thrive Architect or something like that. Well, it’s going to work no matter which platform you like to use. You can also do subscriptions here without having to buy an expensive WooCommerce add on. $200 a year just for who subscriptions is a little bit hard to swallow sometimes. It also works with affiliate WP as well as thirsty affiliatewp there’s extensions.

You can download and connect them together. You can use PayPal and Stripe so you’ll be able to accept currencies from all over the world, although not the entire world. There’s certainly plenty of options there with both of those supported. And it’s also very reasonably priced. You can get a single site or a ten site pack for much, much less than a few months of click funnels.

Now, in my opinion, the downsides of using Upsell plugin are definitely there, but they’re much more minimal. There’s no templates included I really wish there was maybe some built in templates or maybe an element or add on Pack or something like that where you could very easily get a series of sales pages and Upsell pages. I think that would be a really nice addition. There’s also no custom post type. It just uses the basic WordPress pages, which makes it a little bit harder to stay organized.

Now, it does have the option to add some folders in so you can bundle things up, but it’s not as nice and visual as something like Cart Flows. There’s no drag and drop funnel builder where you can clearly see one step going to the next one. As you can probably tell from watching this video, there’s a lot of back and forth with grabbing links and short codes and back into pages and back into products. And I think that could all be simplified if this were somehow unified into a custom post type. Overall, while this is definitely a little bit more techy than just using click funneldash, it definitely gives you the ability to do some really powerful selling techniques without all of the complication of WooCommerce, and I really like that.

If you want to grab your copy of the Upsell plug in, I’ll leave the link down below. That’ll be a referral link for the channel. If you have any questions about sales funnels or Upsell plug in specifically, leave me a question down below. Or you know what would be even better is if you joined us over on The Facebook Group. We have a great community of like minded entrepreneurs that are trying to make a more profitable and automated business.

Join the Facebook group today. It’s totally free, and that’s going to do it for this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I hope you’ve learned something, and I’ll see you in the next review.

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