Fluent Forms: My favorite WordPress Form Builder

Fluent Forms: My favorite WordPress Form Builder

Discover how to leverage WordPress, Fluent Forms, Elementor, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to create a dynamic website featuring user-generated content. This guide walks you through the process of setting up a system where users can submit reviews, which are then displayed as custom posts on your site. Enhance your website's interactivity and engagement by incorporating user reviews and ratings seamlessly.

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Introduction to User-Generated Content

Overview: Explanation of the value and functionality of user-generated content on WordPress sites.

  • Tools Required: Fluent Forms Pro, Elementor Pro, and Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Objective: Enable users to submit reviews with ratings that are displayed as custom posts.

Setting Up the Environment

  • Fluent Forms Pro: Necessary for creating advanced forms with user registration and post creation capabilities.
  • Custom Post Types UI: For creating distinct categories for user reviews.
  • Advanced Custom Fields: To add custom fields like ratings to your posts.

Creating the Review Submission Form

  • Form Creation: Step-by-step guide on setting up a form in Fluent Forms Pro to accept user reviews and ratings.
  • Field Mapping: Instructions on mapping form fields to corresponding post fields and custom fields in WordPress.

Configuring User Registration and Submission

  • User Registration Setup: How to configure user registration through form submission, allowing for auto-login and email notifications.
  • Post Submission Settings: Detailed process for setting submission parameters, like review status and visibility.

Displaying User Reviews

  • Elementor Integration: Utilizing Elementor Pro to embed and style the review submission form on your website.
  • Post Display Options: Techniques for showcasing user-generated reviews using Elementor widgets and templates.
  • Customizing the Review Display: Tips for styling the review posts and incorporating dynamic content like ratings and images.

Key Moments

  • Custom Post and Field Creation: Highlights the creation of a custom post type "Reviews" and a custom field "Rating" to categorize and rate user submissions.
  • Dynamic Content Integration: Demonstrates how to use Elementor's dynamic tags feature to display custom field data (e.g., ratings) in posts.
  • Template Customization: Shows how to create and customize a single post template in Elementor Pro for displaying user reviews attractively.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

  • Power of User-Generated Content: Emphasizes the enhanced engagement and community contribution through user-generated reviews.
  • Further Customization: Encourages experimentation with Elementor and ACF for further customization of review displays.
  • Community Support: Recommends utilizing the Facebook group for additional support and questions.

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for creating a user-generated content system on your WordPress site, empowering your users to contribute reviews and enhancing your site's engagement and content variety. Whether you're a WordPress novice or an experienced web developer, these tools and steps can help you create a more dynamic and interactive website.

Get Fluent Forms and support our content.

Fluent Forms Special Discount
Fluent Forms is the ultimate form-building solution for your website. And now you can get the plugin at 20% off.
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