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What’s up? It’s Dave for profitable tools. Welcome back to my series on copywriting robots. You don’t have any idea what that means. I do have a link down below to a video that will explain everything ad nauseam.

But the gist of it is there’s some new technology out there that is allowing regular people to become copywriters. That means they can use words to generate revenue for their business. Now, if you’re already already a copywriter, this software can help you too. It will speed up your workflow and help you blast through any writer’s block. Today I’m going to be reviewing a software tool called Jarvis.

I’ve already reviewed six other tools and I’m going to be doing one more in this series for a total of eight tools that I’ve reviewed. At the end of those eight tools, I will be producing a summary video in which I recommend specific tools for specific scenarios. I’m an affiliate for all of the products that I’m recommending, so full disclosure there. But I’m not endorsed or sponsored by anyone. I’m simply trying to put together the best solution for different scenarios for different types of people.

If you like to support my work, of course you can click the links down below. That’ll kick me back. Commission if you make a purchase, doesn’t cost you anything extra. All right, without further ado, let’s get into today’s video. So here is the sales website for Jarvis, which used to be known as Conversionai.

Actually reviewed them very early on in the product’s life. At that time it was still an impressive product, but it just wasn’t fully developed yet. So it’ll be interesting to see how far along they’ve come. Since mid February, when I first kind of got on their radar. Now they are doing some really nice things with their website here.

It’s nicely designed. However, it’s not perfect in my opinion. I do think it is one of the better websites out of the tools I have reviewed. You can see they’ve got this nice little gradient headline here. It definitely grabs your attention and has some decent copy.

Just was really one of the first tools to embody. This idea of artificial intelligence is going to help you complete your work faster. That’s the main idea that they’re trying to communicate here. And I think that’s a strong one. As I scroll down, they do some things I don’t like, like some scroll jacking here.

You’ll see this on websites like Apple. They do this all the time where you try to scroll. I’m scrolling right now and nothing is happening. They really want you to watch this video, right? That’s kind of the point.

They have a little tutorial video here that goes over the basics of using this tool, which is good. It’s a nicely produced video. I just wish they’d give me the option to click on it and watch it if I want to and not kind of take over my mouse control. That’s a little frustrating. All right, then we get into the rest of the sales page.

You can see they’ve got some big name clients here. They’ll one that stands out to me as a marketer is Frank Kern. He’s very well known and established. He is promoting this tool, Client Boost, a very successful agency that does lots of PPC management. They are also in clients of this tool.

So very cool to see that. As I scroll down, we got a ton of client referrals here. Recommendations, little reviews, social media blurbs. Then we get introduced to I think the primary reason that Jarvis has been so successful is that they personified their artificial intelligence. Rather than just saying, we’ll write for you, they gave it a name.

They said, you can talk to it. They even gave it a little logo here. After some time, they introduced what Jarvis looks like. You can see that this is very much along the lines of what, say, Apple does with Siri or Amazon does with Alexa. We are now communicating directly with a computer that has a name that is very powerful.

I think it is really a smart move on their part. You can see they’re now backed by Y Combinator, and they gave it the name Jarvis, which I think is pretty clever. I would be worried, I mean, if I were in these shoes. Hopefully they’ve done their due diligence in terms of legalities, because obviously there’s tie ins to the whole Marvel universe. Disney being known as kind of a litigious company, so I definitely would have my guard up there.

But Jarvis is just a name. So assuming it’s not trademarked with any sort of AI protection, I think they should be fine. But I don’t really know. I’m not a lawyer. As we scroll down, we get some more bullet points on exactly what Jarvis can do.

Save hours and writer’s block, generate relevant headlines, mobile friendly app, translate into 25 plus languages and adjust to the brand’s voice. I think that’s going to address the major concerns of people that are looking at tools like this that might be a little bit skeptical. I was very skeptical going into these sort of tools when they first came out. I was like, there’s no way these are going to be helpful at all. I’m already a good writer.

But as I started using them, I found that, yeah, they truly will help you get through writer’s block. And you can adjust the tone enough so that it’s useful. It’s not going to take up more time editing the content than it is to just produce it from scratch. All right, so scrolling through the rest of the page here a little bit more quickly, they talk about their perfect client fits and entrepreneurs, agencies and marketers. You can see this is stuff that hasn’t been addressed on any of the other websites.

So if you want to think about why is this tool more successful than the others. It comes down to their marketing a lot. Obviously, the tool is really good as well, but they’ve done a great job of communicating how powerful the tool is. All right, let’s kind of blast through the rest of this. We got a list of all of their templates.

Well, not all of their templates, but a large collection of them. That’s another one of this tool’s strength, is they have so many templates. They started off with about 20, I think, when I first reviewed the tool. And now they’re up to over 50. So that is very impressive to see.

In less than six months, they have more than doubled the amount of templates they have. They’ve got a little Q and A section here. And then it’s just a wall of love where it’s just testimonial after testimonial, tons and tons of client feedback here, all very glowing and loving the tool. You can see if you’re a new user and you land on this website, it’s going to be like, wow, I’m missing out if I’m not using this right. It really creates that sense of FOMO, which is the ideal scenario when you’re trying to sell something new and fancy.

Oh, look, even I am on the wall of love now. This was actually just my application to become an affiliate, so take that for what it’s worth. This isn’t even a review of the tool, so that’s kind of funny to see. And finally, we end with a call to action. So really, really strong homepage.

Definitely one of the best out of all the tools we’ve seen. But that doesn’t matter if the tool isn’t useful. So let’s get into the nitty gritty. Now, before we jump into the app, I want to get into the pricing here because this is one of the more segregated tools in terms of what plan you’re on is going to allow you to use different functionality inside of the app. So the $29 a month plan is only going to let you generate 20,000 words.

That was one of my early critiques of the tool when I first reviewed it back in February, is that 20,000 words was okay, but it was generating enough garbage at that time that I felt like you could eat up a large portion of those 20,000 words just by trying to iterate and get good copy. Well, they countered that complaint because a lot of people had it and they came up with the Pro plan, which introduced unlimited words. So then you weren’t limited by having garbage responses, you’d simply just generate more. And on top of the unlimited words, they introduced the long form assistant, which allowed you to create full blog posts. And people are even writing books right inside of Jarvis.

So that is not available in the Starter plan. It’s only available in the Pro plan and above. And on top of that, for just $10 more a month they have another plan called Boss Mode, which allows you to run something called Jarvis Commands. This is essentially like when you tell Siri to shut off the lights. Well, here you can tell Jarvis to write me a pain agitate solution for a particular problem.

And you don’t have to go into the templates and fill out the form. You just do it right inside of the long form assistant. We’ll be looking at that later on in the video. Okay, so those are the three plans that are available. But there’s one additional question I want to address.

I see people asking all the time, why do you get unlimited users in the Starter Plan, but only one user on Pro or Boss Mode? You can see it’s $40 extra on Pro to add an additional seat and $50 extra inside of Boss Mode. Well, the reason for this of course, is because the Starter plan is based on words. So if you want to put ten people on the Starter plan and they all write 2000 words, that’s just fine. You can do that.

You’ll stay within your limits. But chances are the more people you add, the more words you’re going to use and they’ll end up making more money. So they don’t want to limit you based on users inside of the Starter Plan. But at first glance, it might seem a little counterintuitive. Hey, I’m paying more, shouldn’t I have more seats?

So obviously if they gave you unlimited seats, they would have a very hard time keeping up with their open AI API bill. All right, let’s jump into the app I’ve already signed in here and let’s kind of just go through the overall UI and then I’ll run my standard Product description and Ada Framework runs. And then we’ll look at the Long form content editor. So at first glance, I really like the organization here. They’ve done a great job of improving the app over the initial iterations.

Now we can sort based on categories up at the top here we have the different categories that are available. Or of course, we can see them all and scroll through them. As I mentioned in the intro, there are a lot of templates. They initially said they’re going to have hundreds of templates, which I don’t doubt that they’re going to do because they are adding more and more almost every single day. And in fact, if you have an idea for a template, you can submit one right here.

That’s how advantageous they are about getting more templates online. I think they know that’s one of the key selling points of the tool. Someone can look at it and say, oh, I do this all the time. I have to simplify things for my audience, so I need this. Explain it to a child template, and that might be something that gets someone to sign up later.

They fall in love with the rest of the tool as well. I also really like their file management system. You can see everything is organized by projects. So an idea for use case here would be to organize projects based on clients or even just particular projects inside of your company. And then the documents and outputs are all nested inside of that project.

So you won’t be able to see documents for client a when you’re inside the project for client b. That’s really cool to see. All of the templates and the features are exactly the same inside of each project. They’re just segmented off so that there’s no cross contamination if you’re trying to work on a particular client or a particular project. All right, as I’ve done in all of these videos, we’re going to start off with a product description.

Let’s go ahead and jump in here. And very similar to almost all of the products we’ve seen, we’ve got some inputs to fill in over here on the left, and then we’ll get some outputs on the right. Let me go ahead and populate this. All right. So my product name is profitable tools insiders, and then for tell us about the product, I’ve used the same description inside of each tool, so we should get a good comparison overall of what tool is doing, which my product description is.

Learn to start or grow an online business with in depth tutorials for top software business tools, create a website, build an ecommerce store, teach an online course, or optimize your existing traffic with our guidance. One of the very unique features about Jarvis is this tone of voice box. Now, there are other tools I’ve reviewed in this series that have had tone of voice included, although most of them do not. What is really unique about Jarvis is even though they give you a list of some recommendations, you can see there’s a little tool tip here. It gives me a few, and I can click to see their recommended list over here on the right.

But what’s really, really unique is the fact that I can fill this out with anything that I want. So if I wanted elon musk’s tone of voice to describe this profitable tools inside our product, I can just type in elon musk as the tone of voice and then generate some AI. Content from that. The results of this tone of voice can often be comical or often just garbage, but once in a while, you strike gold. Now, there’s one here that caught my attention, and you’ll see why in the middle here.

I’m going to go ahead and read this. It says, the social media landscape has changed at a rapid pace. In the midst of all this change, there’s one thing we never want to forget. An online business can bring about greater returns and gains in profit than some other sectors that require a specific living location. These days, everyone wants to live from their laptops or mobile devices.

So no wonder someone, somewhere is tapping into the secrets of starting and growing new, thriving businesses through these digital channels. That person is Me Elon Musk, and I am here to tell you why. Profitable Tools Insiders are a must have for anyone with big ambitions who wanted more control over where they earn their income while building their dream lifestyle. All right, so I just got an endorsement from Elon Musk. Obviously, you could not use this as a testimonial, but the quality of the writing here is really pretty astounding, right?

I mean, it definitely has that kind of nerdiness to it that Elon often writes with, doesn’t have any of his kind of slapstick humor that you might see on Twitter, but overall, that’s some pretty impressive writing. You’d have to edit it out so that you can’t say, that person is Me Elon Musk, but otherwise it’s all very usable content. Let’s try another tone of voice here. I’m going to do Oprah Winfrey. All right, here we go.

We’ve got some outputs from Oprah. I will say that just using the tone of voice feature is very whimsical, right? It has this kind of magical feel to it. It makes you want to use this app more because it just feels so futuristic and unlike anything else out there. So let’s see what Oprah has to say.

All right, let’s check out this one in the middle here. It says, welcome to the world of online business. I’ve been there too. I know all about the struggle. When you start an online business, there are so many resources out there that I couldn’t figure out where to start.

Luckily, today’s most trusted WooCommerce tools provide a platform for everyone with creative entrepreneurs and stay at home moms just trying something new with their life. To those climbing up the corporate ladder looking for a way off of it altogether, you’re in luck. The Profitable Tools Insider Report will guide you from finding your perfect niche market to setting up an effective website or course in just one day. After that, continue on and learn how tricks like social media advertising can skyrocket earnings overnight or grow a happy six. And then it kind of trails off there.

We see that all the time from GPT, the software that powers these types of tools. It will basically just run out of characters and not be able to finish its thought. Now, there are ways to complete this in this tool as well as several others, so we’ll go over that in a little bit here. But I want to point out that it does another thing that GPT does, which is it calls it the Profitable Tools Insider Report. It doesn’t really know that much about the product, so it tries to guess and fill in things that make the most sense.

Also, it’s talking a lot about things that are not necessarily things you might want to do, like helping people find the perfect niche market, not something I mentioned over here talks more about software business tools, but they are related, they’re tangential. So you’ll need to fact check all of the outputs that you’re getting from these types of tools. So what do you think? Does this sound like something Oprah might say, or did the first one sound like something Elon Musk might say? I’m not sure.

It’s spot on accurate, but it’s definitely in the ballpark. This one has more of a technical, analytical style to it, whereas this one has more of a relatable. The reasons that people love Oprah is she’s kind of relatable and talks about how she’s gone through the same things they’re going through. So I think it’s definitely very, very close. In terms of overall output, these are very, very high quality, definitely above the other tools we’ve seen, really bar none.

The output is very, very good here. Now, in terms of the rest of the UI, I can favorite something, which is this little star right here that will save it over into my favorites inside of my AI generated outputs, you can see I’ve got favorites right down here. Let’s go back over to our output. I can copy things to my clipboard right here. With a single click, it copies to my clipboard.

I can also move it to the trash right here. Or if I get some really garbage output, I can flag it and let the team know that, hey, you might need to tweak this template a little bit. It’s not outputting the best results. All right, let’s head back to the templates and try out the Ada framework. So the Ada framework, as they say, is the oldest marketing framework in the world.

Attention, interest, desire, and action. It does have some community examples here. I like this. I’ve seen a couple of other tools that give you examples. So I can click on this and you’ll get an idea of what you should input.

So here’s the product description, and then what the AI output? That’s really nice to see, especially if you’re on that by Word plan, that starter plan where you have a limited number of outputs. You don’t want to waste credits trying to figure out what you’re going to get as your output. So that’s really nice to see that they’ve included that. I would like to see them improve the ability to say, move between different templates and have the product description stick inside of the template.

So as I move from product description over here, you can see I can go in here. It saves my inputs here, and I could clear that with a single click. But as I move between different templates, I do need to input it over and over again. That’s a little bit frustrating. It seems like they should carry that over from template to template.

All right, let’s go ahead and fill this out with the same input we had before. And for tone of voice, here. I’m going to go with Frank Curran. His name popped up on their home adpage, and he does a really, really great copy. Very kind of congenial, friendly copywriting.

I want to see what they use for his Ada framework output. All right, let’s go ahead and generate some outputs here. By the way, I’ve got it set to three outputs currently. You can change this to be any number that you like. I can go up to 100 outputs if I want.

I’m going to set it at five. Obviously, because I’m on the unlimited plan, it doesn’t affect me to use more outputs. But if you are on the starter plan, it would affect you to use more outputs. It would generate more words, which would eat up your credits faster. And what I’ve done in all of these videos is kind of pick on the headline or the attention section as well as the action section.

The interest and desire are very important as well. But these videos are already quite long. So I just like to see, are you going to grab my attention and then are you going to convince me to do something if I make it to the end of the Ada formula? So, let’s see. We’ve got the attention here is, do you want to learn to start or grow an online business?

Very similar to what we’ve seen from the other tools. Attention, you’re looking for a way to start or grow your online business. All right, I think that’s actually a little bit better than this one because it’s speaking directly to someone. It’s not asking a question question. It says you’re looking to do this.

All right. The next one is, do you want to start or grow an online business? Again, very similar to that first one, I think this question is a little bit more powerful. It says, you know, you need to start or grow an online business, but where do you begin? And then finally we have do you want to start or grow an online business?

Okay, so honestly, none of these headlines are ridiculously attention getting. If I were spending money on Facebook ads or something like that, I would definitely tweak them and make them be a little bit more original and unique. But if I had to pick my favorites here, it would probably be the second one, which says you’re looking for a way to start a growing online business. Or the fourth one down here, or actually the fifth one down where it says you need to start or grow an online business, but where do you begin? I think those are decent jumping off points.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the call to actions. This is where you get the money. If you do a good job with your call to action, it will entice people to click through and make a purchase or sign up, opt in whatever it is that you’re trying to do. So the first one says click here now and sign up for free access to all of our tutorials today. We’ve also got this one down below which says, click this ad right now and sign up for free access to Profitable Tools Insiders.

So those are both very similar. They’re emphasizing the free access part of the tool, which actually didn’t specify over in description. So that’s something I’d want to do. If you have a specific price in mind, you’d want to include that in your inputs in any of the tools, not just Jarvis, go ahead and see what else we’ve got here. Click this ad right now and sign up for a free trial of Profitable Tools Insiders.

So these are all at least call to actions. They’re not super emotional and grabbing me and using my psychology to convince me to do something, but they are at least call to actions. Click this ad now and sign up for a free trial of Profitable Tools Insider. I think that’s exactly the same as the one above. And we’ve got sign up for a free trial today by clicking here.

So none of these call to actions were extremely compelling to me. They were all decent and they were all present, which we’ve not seen on all of the other tools. But I think there are fairly good outputs, not overwhelmingly like, oh my gosh, I have to use that for my marketing today, but pretty good. So everything we’ve just seen is included in the starter plan. You get access to all of these templates.

You’re limited by 20,000 words per month. And if you go over, you get charged by the number of words that you use. I will say that if you click on my link down below and sign up, you do get an additional 10,000 words of one time use of 10,000 words. So you can go ahead and get started with that if you want. But I think most people, the reason that you’d probably go with this tool is to move up to the unlimited plan.

And from there, it’s obviously a pretty easy jump to go to Boss mode, and all of a sudden you’re looking at $120 a month. All right, now the next set of features I’m going to show you do require that Pro plan or above, so that’s starting at $109. And then you can obviously go up to Boss mode. I’ll try to distinguish where I’m using Boss mode features and where I’m just at the Pro plan so you can decide whether it’s worth the extra $10 to you. So what we’re going to do next is work on long form content like a blog post.

To do this, we’ll head over to the documents section where we can write something beautiful, as they say. I’ll click on this and I’ve got two options. I can start from scratch, or I can use the blog post workflow. I’m going to choose that one because it will help me along the process where I can get some ideas for titles, intro paragraphs, and an outline. So the first thing they want me to do is describe the contents I want to create.

Now, in many of the other videos, I worked on how to create a sales page for online courses. So let’s take that same approach here. The instructions tell me that the better I can describe what I want to write, the higher quality content Jarvis will help me produce. So I said I want to create a blog post that helps online course creators sell courses via long form sales pages. For keywords, I’ll say copywriting sales page.

Dan Kennedy and let’s continue to the next step here. This is where I can input my title for the blog post, or I can have Jarvis generate some ideas for me. I’m going to have it generate some ideas, of course. So the first one says, a blog post to help online course creators sell their course via long form sales pages. So this was literally my input.

So that is not very good output. Let’s move down to the second one. It says, if you want to sell your course online, here’s what it takes. The third one says, how to sell your online course on a long form sales page. The fourth one here says, six well structured long form sales pages for online courses and how to create Them.

I think that’s a very solid title. I would definitely want to work with that one. I do want to point out a little annoyance with the application here. I’ve seen it both on the first one as well as the fourth one. When the title is too long, I can’t see the remainder of the title.

It’d be really nice if they either just made a button to click to expand this, or just gave me a line break so I could see the full title. Otherwise, I find myself selecting and scrolling over and the little Use this one button kind of covers some of the text. So little irritation. There something that they should be able to fix in the UI fairly simply. All right, this one is a little shorter and sweeter.

I do like it. How to Sell your online course with a long form sales page. What I’d like to see addressed is why you should use a long form sales page inside of the headline. That would be really cool. Twelve tips to sell your online courses how to write a Killer Sales page for your online course that one is also a pretty strong title.

And then five ways to sell your online course. So I think out of all of these outputs, I’m going to choose six well structured long form sales pages for online courses and how to create one. All right, let’s choose use this one. Okay, so I’m onto step three. But before we move on.

I want to point out that this title it shows does set me up for some difficulties, right? Because it cites examples. Six well structured long form sales pages. I need to find six well structured long form sales pages. I’m probably going to have to do my own research at that point.

I really don’t think it’s possible for Jarvis to go out and find them for me, but we’ll see what it does. Okay, so back to step three. It says intro paragraph. Write your own intro or let Jarvis help you generate ideas. Of course, I’m going to ask Jarvis to do all the work that I can here.

Let’s go ahead and generate some ideas. By the way, on average, I’d say the loading time is probably right around 10 seconds. Each time I have it generate some output. So it’s faster than most of the other apps we’ve seen, but it’s not instantaneous. You do need to take a second to let it generate the copy.

All right. So this first one I don’t like right away because it says, this is copywriting expert Dan Kennedy. So as though Dan Kennedy is actually writing the post. If you don’t know, Dan Kennedy is a well known copywriter, so he’s obviously not writing this post. I’m not going to choose that one.

But the next one down caught my attention right away. It looks fairly good. It says, are you looking for copywriting tips to help you sell your online courses? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. We will discuss six well structured, long form sales pages that are used by copywriters like Dan Kennedy and will also provide a copywriting checklist.

Once you have read through each section of this article, you should be able to create a copy that will convert visitors into customers with ease. I think that’s fairly strong. Intro paragraph. I’d have to do a little bit of tweaking on the phrasing, but overall really strong. The next one is quite good as well.

And I just want to point out something here. It’s a strength of Jarvis. We’ve seen other applications really struggle with this. When I have a title that’s very descriptive, right? Six well structured long form sales pages.

Often the outputs that I get from the other tools are not connected, right? They’re kind of just going off in their own direction. Well, here two out of the three outputs. Reference six well structured long form sales pages. Right.

We see it right here in this output. And then again on the third output is right in the middle of the output. Six well structured long form sales pages. So you can see as a user, if you click on a title that talks about six well structured long form sales pages and then the blog post doesn’t include that, you’re going to feel angry, right? It was basically clickbait at that point.

It didn’t deliver what it promised. Well, Jarvis here is doing a much better job than most other applications of its ilk. All right, I like the second one. I’m going to work with that. Let’s use that idea.

It says setup is complete, and we can now open up the editor. The editor is going to be very much just like a document editor here. We’re not going to get any Frills or any SEO tools, but they do have an integration with surfer SEO. If you want to know more about surfer SEO, maybe see a detailed review of that, leave me a comment down below, and I’ll consider doing that in the future. All right, so let’s get into the long form editor.

Look at some of the boss mode features coming up here. So far, everything you’ve seen inside of this long form content generator is available on the Pro plan. You don’t need boss mode quite yet. So let’s start off with an overall tour of the long form editor’s user interface. You can see over here on the left, I’ve got the inputs that I began with.

I’ve got my title that Jarvis generated for me. I’ve got my content description, and I’ve got some keywords. Now, I can turn this off from Jarvis as I’m writing. If I want it to do something different, I can toggle this off. And now Jarvis can’t see the title of the document, which can be good if you’re trying to go in a different direction than the title.

Maybe you want to pivot and talk about something else. You can temporarily turn this off, generate some content, and then turn it back on. Same thing with the content brief as well as the keywords down below. Here I have an output length that will just tell Jarvis how much you want it to write. I can set it to a longer amount of output or a shorter amount of output.

By default, it’s set in the medium position. The long form editor was really created with power users in mind. A lot of the commands are available via key commands. This is something you’ll see just about every professional user inside of any industry, whether they’re a video editor or a music editor. They’ll use key commands almost predominantly, right?

They never take their hands off of the keyboard. That’s their preferred way of working. However, more novice computer users will like to have a menu for things so they can click and choose what they want it to do. I think there is some room for improvement here in the user interface to make the key commands available, but also give me a nice little pop up window so that I can choose what I want Jarvis to do next. Now, if you are concerned about that, don’t worry.

Over here in the right hand corner, it does have their Pro tips section where you can very easily see the available keyboard shortcuts. You can see I can write a sentence with command J. I can run a Jarvis command with Command Enter, and I can run a Jarvis command and keep that command in place. With Command Shift Enter, there’s actually a lot of little things to remember. Once you use the tool for a little bit, it becomes second nature, especially if you’re used to using the keyboard to generate commands inside of an application.

So if I simply want Jarvis to write a little bit more for me, I can go to a new paragraph here and press Command J and Jarvis will start writing. You’ll see it here on the screen. It’s starting with a blog outline for me. So it says the six copywriting tips include use the power of storytelling, focus on benefits and results rather than features, include a call to action that is specific, personal and compelling, and create urgency by showing limited quantities available for purchase or enrollment in your course programs, aka scarcity. Now, there is some weird formatting issues here because it’s using this little ASCII art for our bullet points, right?

As not actually formatting that in an actual bullet. Very easy to do that inside of Jarvis. You can simply use a dash and then a space and it will format it into a bullet for you. It’d be nice if it was able to filter that content as it’s generating it and automatically format it correctly, but it’s just not quite to that point yet. You’ll notice that as I select text, I do get some options here that pop up to make things in H One, h Two or H Three.

Very similar to what we saw in the Writer Review. We’ve got the ability to bold things, create order lists, remove styles, and then I can have it rephrase content, fix grammar, or explain it to a fifth grader, basically. Meaning that it’s going to make things more simple. So one thing you might be thinking at this point is it sure would be nice to have access to all of those templates while you write your long form content. What do you got to do?

Open up a new tab and toggle back and forth? Well, the folks at Jarvis thought that would be nice too. So they included what they call pop power mode here. Now, interestingly enough, power mode is not like I was talking about before, with key commands here. Everything is very visible.

But I’ve got options to use any of the templates we saw before earlier on in the application, so they’re not segmented out inside of the long form editor. It’s very easy to bring that in. This is another thing that Jarvis does that’s simple, but none of the other tools have really implemented in such an elegant way. I will say the user interface becomes a little bit confusing at this point because we now have three columns of distinct text to kind of navigate. Once you use it for maybe five minutes, it seems very natural.

So basically over here on the left, I choose one of the templates. There is a search box here so I can find the one I’m looking for. Let’s say I’m writing my blog post, and at the end I want to create a call to action to get someone to sign up for my membership site. Well, I can do that here. I could include something like maybe a Pain agitate solution section where I’m actually talking about this is really hard to create a sales page.

But you know what? We can train you how to do this. With more advanced training, I can go ahead and search for Pain agitate solution. There it is, the Pas framework. I’ll choose this, and then I simply fill out the template just like I did at the beginning of the video.

It will output some content here, and then I can choose which one I’d like to bring into my article. For tone of voice here, I’m going to choose Steve Jobs and let’s generate some content. So I like this one right here that says starting or growing an online business can be challenging. There’s a lot to learn, and there are many tools out there to help you get started. But which ones really work?

You could spend hours reading reviews of the best tools and still not know where to start. We’ve done all of the research for you, so you don’t have to waste your time learning about every tool on the market. Join the profitable Tools insiders today with our exclusive training videos. We’ll show you how to use top software like Shopify, ClickFunnels, Adpage, Sumo, Me, and more in under 30 minutes each. No fluff or filler content here, just actionable tips from real entrepreneurs who are making money with these tools right now.

That’s super solid and a great way to end with a little sales pitch. Inside of my free blog post, I want to add it to my content. I can simply copy it over here and then just hit paste. Obviously, I’d remove the problem Agitate solutions sections and then format it to actually fit the flow of the blog post, but you can see that it’s very usable. All right, let’s get back to writing our blog post here.

Let’s go back to what they call focus mode, which takes away all of those templates and work on fleshing out this article a little bit more. Now, as I mentioned before, this title is going to pose a problem for me when it comes to writing AI content because it needs to find six well structured, long form sales pages in order to analyze them. And Jarvis just doesn’t do that. No open AI tool will It’s not going to go search the web for you and look for specific examples. That will be up to you to do once you bring them in.

Maybe summarize them a little bit in your own text. Then Jarvis will be able to iterate off of them. So what I’ll show you for the rest test of the demo here is how that would actually be done. So let’s say my first section here was going to be to use the Power of Storytelling. I’m going to go ahead and make this an H two section.

You can see it takes away the bullet. And I’m going to go ahead and tell Jarvis to write me a section on using the power of storytelling, like Derek Halpern, who is a now retired copywriting instructor. He had some great courses out maybe about ten years ago. Let’s see if Jarvis can find some information about how Derek Halpern would use the Power of Storytelling to sell his products. All right, so I just wrote a line here.

It doesn’t really even make sense. I tried to write it in kind of plain English, like a normal person would. Just try to get something done quickly. It says, Write a paragraph about using storytelling in your copywriting like Derek Halpern. All right, now, what I do here is go ahead and press Command Enter, and that’s going to run this line as a command inside of boss mode.

So here’s where we need to make the leap up to the top plan, the $119 a month plan. All right, you see that text selects and now Jarvis is writing some text on my subject. All right, it wrote me three paragraphs here. It says, if you’ve ever tried Copywriting or Copywriting Copy, which is a little bit redundant, chances are, you know, copy is a powerful marketing tool. The best copywriters use their word to paint pictures and compel readers to take action.

It can often be tempting to write about yourself instead of your customers. But the best copy doesn’t focus on how great you are. It focuses on how great they’ll feel after reading your message. That sounds exactly like what Derek Kelperin would say. We live in an era where people have no time for things like ads because they’re too busy scrolling on Facebook, but they still create human connection through stories told well enough for them to identify with it.

All right, overall, I think those three paragraphs are really, really high quality. Definitely some of the best we’ve seen in any of the tools I’ve reviewed so far. Let’s see what it would do if I ask it to actually use Derek Halpern as an example. All right, again pressing command Enter or control Enter if you’re on a PC. All right.

The output that I got here was basically garbage. It’s kind of taking after what it just outputs. So it seemed to be getting confused by the similar commands here. I’m just going to delete this. Let’s try.

Write a quote from Derek Halpern on copywriting and again. Command enter. And we’ve got the copywriter’s job is to create copy that converts visitors into customers. Derek Halpern. I wonder if this is a real quote.

Let’s go ahead and find out. All right, I searched the web, and I cannot find any record of Derek Halpern actually saying this. And honestly, it’s not a very good quote anyway, as it’s mostly the definition of copywriting. So I don’t think you’d want to include it in your article. But it’s a good opportunity to point out that GPT, the software that powers this, is happy to make things up.

It is not factual. You will have to proofread your output to make sure that it’s actually accurate. It should do a pretty good job of not plagiarizing things, which we will check later on, but it’s not necessarily going to create factually accurate content. It’s going to make up numbers, it’s going to make up facts, it’ll make up quotes as well. So be aware.

Okay, so hopefully you’re getting a taste of how you could use this tool to write long form content that is actually very usable. Simply start with the layout and then give Jarvis commands to go in and flesh out the story. You’ll have to add in those factual bits of information as needed, but it’s fairly simple to use once you wrap your head around a few simple key commands and toggling between things like Power Mode and Focus mode. Now, one small feature that is not included in Jarvis, which is included in many of the other applications, is a Plagiarism detector. Now, for me, that’s not a big deal because I would want to use a third party Plagiarism detector anyway.

I just feel like it’s asking the criminal to admit whether or not they were stealing. If they say no, can you just trust them? Probably in the case of Plagiarism detection. But for me, I just feel a little better knowing that I’ve checked it with an industry leading Plagiarism detector, which is why I’m going to do that right now with Copyscape. So I will copy everything.

We’ve had an output here and head over to Copyscape. We’ll paste in our text there it is, and let’s have it do a premium search. All right. It cost me $0.03 here. I searched 190 words and no Plagiarism was found.

So out of all seven of the tools I’ve tested thus far, we haven’t detected any signs of Plagiarism at all, which is a great sign for AI copy and maybe a bad sign for humanity. Last few things to touch on here over inside of the settings I do want to point out here is the integration with Surfer SEO. Again, leave me a comment down below if you want to see how that works out. With Jarvis, we have a beta dark mode feature, which I have actually not tried yet. We can turn that on and take a look at it before we go.

And then there are some language defaults. Again, Jarvis can translate between languages. You just have to ask it to do so. But there is a native input language and a native output language. If you want to make translation the default, you can definitely do that here.

And we can even change the formality based on different types of languages. So if you want it more formal, less formal Spanish, we can definitely do that. All right, let’s check out what dark mode looks like inside of the long form editor. Let’s open this up. You can see you get a nice little dark mode view here.

It looks nice and easy on the eyes while you’re writing. I tend to prefer that for writing, but everybody is different, so it’s good. There’s options. All right, so there you have it. There is an updated look at Jarvis.

They’ve really come a long way in the last four or five months since I last looked at them. Very impressive. I will say that, bar none, the output that I’m getting from Jarvis is almost always a very high quality versus some of the other apps where you’re getting high quality maybe 10% of the time. So I think that is really why Jarvis can justify the extra charge. Now they are missing some additional features.

I already mentioned Plagiarism. There’s not really a lot of content sharing options available. I can’t click a link and then share that with a potential client and have them comment on it up and down, things like that. There’s also no way to export the document to a doc file or a PDF or anything like that. You’re just simply supposed to copy and paste it out of the long form editor into whatever word processor or CMS that you’re using.

I’d love to see them integrate a lot of those features directly in maybe even direct publishing to popular CMS. That would be a great step forward, something I hope they consider in the future. Overall, I’m a big fan of Jarvis. I’ve been using it since day one. So you do have to factor that in a little bit of confirmation bias.

No one is immune to that. So it would be silly of me to say, hey, I’ve been using this tool for five months as a paying customer and I think it’s the strongest one. That would be a silly thing to say that everybody has you invest in a software tool and then you want to see it prosper because you’ve invested in it. It’s the one you’re already using. So do take that as a little bit of disclosure.

But overall I’m trying to be as objective here as possible. And I think you can judge for yourself whether or not you think the content that it’s outputting is of higher quality than the other tools in this series. I’m going to be looking at all of them collectively in the summary video. So make sure you get subscribed if you haven’t done so already. All right, that is going to do it for this video.

If you want to connect with me, you can find all of my options down below. We’ve got a Facebook group, an email newsletter. You can click the links to learn more about any of the software inside of this playlist. It does support me in this channel, so if you want to do that, click the links down below and I will see you in the next review. May your conversion rates be high.

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