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What’s up, everyone, it’s Dave here from Profitable Tools, and welcome back to this series on A.I. Copywriting Tools. That’s right, copywriting powered by computers, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, this video is actually part of a series I’ve been reviewing copywriting tools that are powered by a technology called T-3. Go back to the first video in this playlist, a link to it down below. It explains the tech and how it works. Now, in this video, we’re going to be talking about an application called Neches.

Now, after this, I’m going to be releasing two more videos that are on different applications powered by that same technology. And then finally, this is the important part, the thing that you’ll all probably enjoy the most. I’m going to make a final summary video where I take all of the apps that I have reviewed and then give specific recommendations as to which ones I think are a good fit for what type of writer. So stay tuned for that one.

Make sure you click the subscribe button, hit that notification bill so you don’t miss it. All right. Without further ado, let’s get into the app for today. So just like I did for the writer review have actually already generated quite a bit of the output that I need for this video. And I’m just going to be forthright, say that this is probably not the right one for me. It’s it’s very, very in a beta phase. You can even tell from the the home page here, you know, they’ve got their logo.

It’s just an emoji with the money on the mouth. There’s really no sales page at all. It’s just a couple of bullet points using a Modise for all of it. So it’s trying to have a lighthearted approach. I think it just doesn’t really do it for me, either the website or the app. But you know what? I’m going to go through the process and show you what it’s capable of so you can make the decision for yourself. So I’m currently a monthly subscriber to Neches.

I want to point out that’s Neches with three S’s, the last two of them being dollar signs. So I’m currently a monthly subscriber to this app. It’s also available as a lifetime deal. I’m going to be canceling my monthly subscription pretty much immediately after making this video. But just know that it is out there if you want to go ahead and grab that. I needed to become a monthly subscriber to unlock all of the features. So that is why I did that for the purpose of making this video.

All right. So here’s the UI. Let me kind of walk you through it. It does have some unique features that things I haven’t seen in any other application. They’re just not features for me. And I don’t think they’re that fleshed out either, to be perfectly honest. But we have different rather than having these separate templates. These are different sections, right. That each contain multiple templates. So, for example, I typically lead off my reviews with a product description.

When I do these API reviews, I’ve been doing a product description. So I would go to the product tools down here and I’m gonna see five different templates related to product tools, book descriptions, book titles, product descriptions, product descriptions with emojis, which is a fun take on product descriptions and then product paragraphs. How to use it. Product paragraphs, problem, solution paragraph, which is more of like a sales type of paragraph. And then finally we have product business tagline generator.

So all in all, that was what I think about seven different templates there. I might have said five earlier. I think that’s because you can choose multiple templates and actually have it generate the copy for you all at one time. Now that’s helpful, but I found that it actually run into some issues where you might need the input from one template before you can complete the other. So I just know that you can generate as many reports as you need.

If you’re a paying client. The trial account limits you to four different reports. That’s what they call these when you generate This product is calling it a report back to the dashboard. I’m going to show you a little bit more around the app for we look at some outputs. So I’ve got four reports generated that are called content plans, one document for a long form, the blog posts. And then we’ve got two business reports. So these descriptions are a bit misleading and we’ll get into each one of them in a second.

But I just wanted to point out that’s the content that I’ve already generated with Neches. Now, over here on the left, we can see kind of maybe the workflow they want you to go through. So here is the dashboard where you can start to find your reports or your content plans. Then the next step down is to search Reddit, which just seemed really bizarre to me the first time I opened the app, like, why would I search Reddit through this app?

That doesn’t seem like a wise decision, but if you click on it, what they’re trying to do here is help you look at the content inside of Reddit and then use that content to come up with a business idea. So the idea is that you could filter by the number of subscribers over here. Let’s say I wanted to have, you know, a minimum of twenty five thousand subscribers and, you know, maybe a maximum of Astra million or something like that.

I can go down here, say, OK, here we have a half a million. That’s fine. And see that these tools are not very easy to manipulate. It would be much nicer if I could just type in a value here, but that’s not possible. Then the other filters I have are to filter by not safe for work content. So essentially porn on. Right. We don’t want to include that in our search. We’ll check right here if for some reason you only want to include that you have that filter.

There’s no other way to filter by keyword or anything else, really. So I’m not seeing a ton of utility on this search feature of Reddit. But once you find a topic that you want to pursue, let me apply these filters here will get a list of Reddit that are kind of in that smaller category. OK, so now I’ve got my filtered list here. I could load more if I like, but the idea is that you would browse through one and then you’d find a possible niche where let’s say Akito recipes.

I can click on this. It’s going to open up. If I click right over here on the question mark, it’s going to open up Reddit. I could browse this sub Reddit to find out, you know, what are these people all about? And from there, I could go ahead and say, all right, I want to start a business that would cater to people in this audience. So I would select this sub Reddit and then go over here, hit continue.

And now I just have to answer a question. How would I describe the people of these separatists? I say these are people who love to eat high fat foods, and now I can choose what type of product I would like to sell to these people so I could sell them Amazon products. So that’s a little vague to me because Amazon sells everything. I could write a book about it. Sure. I don’t want to write a book, but I can make a course on it.

I could start an e-commerce store for people who love to eat high fat foods, maybe kind of events. I can have gifts. We have membership sites, a restaurant for those people, a subscription box or a YouTube channel dedicated to those types of people. OK, I’m going to go ahead and just use Amazon clothes and oh, how about a membership site? All right. Now I’m going to save this niche and generate ideas. So I’m going to give Neches the credit here that I’ve never seen another application do any sort of process like this.

It’s not exactly what I think of when I think of copywriting, and we are going to get to that. But the main problem I see here is that ideas are cheap. I don’t really ever meet anybody who says I just don’t have any ideas for how to start a business. Most people are the exact opposite. We have too many ideas for businesses that we want to start and we don’t have enough time or dedication to see one or two of those ideas through to fruition.

So I don’t really see a ton of utility in this tool for myself. If you’re the type of person that maybe likes to start twenty or thirty kind of side hustles rather than focusing on one big venture, well, then I guess maybe this would be helpful. But I’d also just caution you to reconsider your priorities. But that’s just me. OK, so here’s what it spit out. This is the report that I’m going to review. You can see it says review report.

So it gives me the summary of everything I just selected and then I can open it up. And then using my inputs, it’s going to tell me to create an Amazon store that sells high fat food items. How else would I think of that? Or maybe you could do cookbooks or high fat food items and kitchen items or oils, butters and other high fat foods, a wide variety of high fat foods and high fat foods again. So you can see here, this is not super useful if you think about, you know, what kiddo is and you think about it for more than a second, you could probably figure out that you could find Kitto items and then sell it to people who are interested in Quito.

I mean, that’s not really rocket science underclothes. It tells me to design a shirt or a sock, which is kind of a weird combination about hamburgers, steak, cheeseburgers, etc. bacon, something about high fat, the name of the person or business on it as a cheeseburger sock that contains a new nutritional table of fats and its ingredients. So to me, these things are not very helpful at all. It does give you some monetization tips that you could charge each time you sell something.

That would be how you monetize this. Membership sites here, they’re talking about sharing recipes, you know, motivation, you know, all the normal stuff you think of when you think of like a diet community. You don’t really have to go too far outside the box to come up with everything that they provide to you. So then again, you know, you’re monetizing this by charging monthly, just not a ton of super helpful info. And I’m starting with this feature because it’s honestly probably one of the best parts about this tool.

And I want to showcase the uniqueness of it first after this. In terms of copyrighting, it pretty much falls down for me. And it’s not really one that I would even consider recommending. For someone who is trying to write product descriptions or blog posts or anything like that, it’s just too bad they haven’t really, you know, fine tuned the algorithm or the API connection yet to give you solid, reliable outputs. But that said, I’ve done the work already.

So let me show you what it looks like. Back out to the dashboard. Lets go ahead and check out my content plans. So these are the content plans that I generated just a few hours ago as I was learning to use the application. So first of all, I started off with a product description like I’ve done in every single video thus far. Let’s go ahead and view that. And so I can show you the inputs that I provided it, and from there, these are the outputs that I got.

So to show you the inputs, I’m going to go ahead and click on the little gear icon right here. You can see it’s kind of loading funny. There we go. If I hit edit, then I’m going to be able to regenerate. These are all of the inputs that I used there, the exact same inputs that I’ve used for all of the other videos that I’ve created, with the one exception of a short business description. That was a unique question that have not had in any other products that I’ve reviewed.

So so I went ahead and just gave it a short business description. Everything else is exactly the same as a refresher, the product description that I provided it. So I wrote LearnDash start growing online business with in-depth tutorials for top software business tools. And then it says create a website, build an e-commerce store, teach an online course, or optimize your existing traffic with our guidance. That was my simple product description that I wrote. Then I had to generate these full length product descriptions for me and you’ll see kind of where my disappointment says.

And so the first one here says, How do you build a website that gets results? The first and most important thing you need to do is get a domain name that is memorable, short to type and easy to remember. Profitable tools can help you set up the perfect domain name for your website so you can focus on the business. OK, so this isn’t like a terrible paragraph. It’s just not related at all to the product description that I provided it.

I am not helping people find perfect domain names. I actually would loathe that business. That sounds terrible, but that is the entire article that I got here. So if you go on, some of them are a little bit better. I will say it only gives you four outputs at a time. You can generate more, of course, but none of the other ones were really outstanding. So as an example here, learn how to create a website, build an e-commerce store, create an online course, convert leads into sales and increase traffic and conversions with our actionable step by step training.

I actually think that my original input was much better than this. This is just like a list of things, right? It might do better if it was just bullet points, but as a product description, it kind of falls down for me. Last example I’ll give is right down here. It’s as profitable tools as your online source for all things e-commerce. So right there I thought it was going to go off about e-commerce and all the things I could do to help people with e-commerce, which is kind of, you know, that’s what the first sentence starts at.

But check out how it actually finishes here. It says it has the highest converting step by step online training, ebooks and comprehensive software for building your own profitable website, e-commerce business or membership site. So that’s pretty weird. It’s like, hey, we’re the one stop shop for e-commerce. We could also do membership sites. It doesn’t it’s not strong copyright. It sounds just kind of all over the place. All right. Let’s look at the rest of the UI here.

You’re getting a feeling for my disdain for the output’s. They’re not as high quality as we’ve seen in other apps. The rest of the UI has some unique functions. So first, we got a big export button up here. I can click on that and download in Doch format, texte or Kesby, which is nice to see. I always like lots of options for exporting down here. I just have a little complaint. So this is where you toggle pages to be shareable or not.

And so the way it starts by default is like this where it says locked. Now when I see the word locked in, it’s green like this, I think, OK, I can’t edit any of this text because it’s locked. Right. But that’s not what they mean. They mean private. So they need to update the text here. I think and I honestly don’t know, I haven’t dug in to find out who started this company. But my guess is they’re probably not native English speakers, which means that they’re not going to get little things like this where locked doesn’t make sense at all in this context.

Private does. It also goes to show why maybe they’re not going to produce the best output of sales copy. Right, because they’re not able to know what an English speaking or at least an American would assume is good sales copy or that an audience in America would receive as good sales copy. So it may just be a language barrier thing here. I don’t know. But that’s this is the kind of a little signal that made me think so. The sharing, again, is related to this over here.

So, again, you could probably just move this over underneath the share button. If I click, this one is locked. I’m going to get this screen here. It says Private content. As soon as I toggle that, I can refresh the page and now I’m able to share this page with someone on my team, a potential client, something like that. It says, in total, we have four pieces of content to go over. Let’s dove in.

So then I’ve got the four content down here and you’re already seeing this giant orange bar that’s asking for your email address. I find this super tacky. If I’m sharing my content, don’t try to use it as a lead magnet to get people to sign up for your newsletter. It’s going to be confusing. If you use it with clients. It’s going to be annoying. If you use it with teammates, it’s just like, you know, even if they did it more subtly, maybe that would be OK.

But, man, this giant super bright color, it’s too much for me. Besides that, I don’t really have any. Teachers here to give any feedback on the, I can’t vote anything up or down, I can’t edit it, I can’t copy it other than just selecting it and copying it. I can’t give it a heart or a like or anything like that. So in terms of collaborative features, there’s just not much inside of this tool.

OK, but let’s look at some other content. How about the ADA formula? I like using the ADA formula to demonstrate the quality of A.I. In this case, it was a little bit disappointing. Let’s go ahead and check this out. All right. So here is the first piece of content that is generated. Usually what I like to do here, if you’ve seen the other videos, I go over the attention as well as the action section. So the attention being your headline, the call to action being like your buy button.

So the attention here that they gave me in the first one says after you join, you’ll receive five of our best training courses for free. The first thing that came to mind here would be like if you went up to someone that you were interested in dating and you said to them, after we’re married, I’m going to give you five houses. Like, that’s kind of weird, right? That would definitely be Off-putting after you join is the headline.

So, you know, not strong copy there at all. Would not save me any time. All right. The call to action here join profitable tools now. I mean, you don’t really need to generate that for you, but does it get better? Let’s find out. With profitable tools, you’ll learn the art of creating a website, selling courses and bringing in online revenue. So that one’s not as bad, but you definitely want to shorten it.

So you’d say something like learn the art of creating a website, selling courses and bringing in online revenue. That could be your headline. You could get rid of this first part and you’d end up in better shape. The call to action here, sign up for profitable tools to learn how to make a website. OK, slight improvement over just join profitable tools. This one here, obviously garbage, internet marketing, instant ban here. Learn how to make money online.

Any time you say that you’re going into the spam box, you’re getting blocked by the social media networks. Don’t say learn how to make money online. Then the last one here they gave me is if you want to build a site but don’t know where to start, this is the right place for you. Again, better than the first couple of examples, but just needs to be shortened to be a little bit punchier. You could say something as short and punchy is want to build a website.

Don’t know where to start. Keep reading. You know, that’s that’s the idea with a headline in the aid, a formula to get you to go through the entire process. So by the end, you actually want to take action. You want to buy something, you want to take the next step. You want to go down the funnel. All right. So not super great results in terms of the output on the sales EDA formula. Next, I asked it to generate some blog titles for me.

And here are the inputs that I gave it again, exactly the same as I’ve used in all of the other videos, literally just copied and pasted the exact same contents. In LearnDash, the website created eCommerce Store, Sell an online course and optimize your existing traffic. Those are the key words that I wanted to write blog posts about. And here’s what I got on the other side. What tools are the best to help you build an online business?

How to start a successful online business? How to start an online business step by step. Learn to build a website, website builder software review. So those are the first four that I got. I did generate a bunch more here how to launch a blog that makes money, just profitable tools, how to build an online business that generates at least one thousand dollars a month in passive income with no website, no product and no email list. That sounds like something from Internet marketing 2001.

Super sleazy sounding and probably would not do too well these days. But you never know. It is definitely the the most Internet marketing of all of the headlines that are generated. And we’ve got how to turn your skills into a lucrative business, how to make money online and do you know how to use the free software. All right. So you getting the point, this next one here, I won’t even bother reading. It’s way too long. It’s like going into a paragraph, not super stellar blog title generators, especially in comparison to the other tools that we’ve seen.

All right. Let’s look at one more template here. This is the blog post intro. I’ve also got the blog post outline on the same report. So, again, you can kind of condense these if you’re going into the the tool section where you go into blogs, you can go ahead and say our I want you to make a blog post title. And then I also want you to make an intro at the same time. The problem is when doing this, it’s asking for the title of the post inside of the intro.

So it would be nice here if they cued up steps like we’ve seen in some of the other apps where it generates the titles first and then lets you use that title to go into the intro. Now, you might be saying, but you can if you’re already using this, you’re saying, Dave, you’re just not doing it right? Well, I’m running into issues even when I try to, quote unquote, do it right. Because what you can do is you can run this title generator first, which I actually already did.

And then when asked for the title of the post, you can fill it in. However, when I. Click, fill, and I’m seeing all of my titles that I generated, you know, I did like 12 of them, they’re all the same. I’m only seeing three. I got profitable tools, profitable tools. They’re not even the ones they generated. This is my inputs are showing up here, so not super helpful. Click on it.

It just fills in there. It doesn’t like go to the report or anything like that. So that feature is not working. Right. All right. Back into the already generated plan that I’ve got. So I ended up selecting one of the titles that they gave me, which was how to create engaging videos for your business. I thought it was not half bad. And so I had it right, an intro based on that title. It says, people pay big money for services to help them market themselves.

Their goal is to stand out from their competition by creating engaging content that will get attention. Unfortunately, most of the advice out there is either outdated, wrong or unnecessary. That is why we created profitable tools. You see that this is this is a sales pitch. It’s not a blog post intro. It’s saying our goal will help you to create engaging videos that will get results. We’ll show you the most effective ways to do that so that you can create content that is engaging and produces results.

This is not an intro to a blog post. This is an intro to Buying My Services. So an intro to a blog post. What I expect here is talking about what are the steps you need to go through to make quality videos. Right. That’s what this is about. The outlines kind of suffer from other faults. You can see that they just gave me a list here without using any formatting at all. Right. So I got number one and number two on the same line, number three and four on the same line, just kind of making it hard to read.

And then the angles that they take with it are not very helpful either. So same subject. How do you create an engaging video for your business? So no one is to create an engaging video that’s not helpful to is to share your videos on social media. Three is to sell your videos online and for us to use videos to improve your brand. So kind of just garbage, right? You can’t use this for anything. There’s a couple of good ones they take like, you know, different takes that things go like this one down here is more about the technology.

So what maybe what technology do you need to create videos or what products should you invest in to create engaging videos for your business? Tripod, microphone, lighting, recording, editing. You could use that as a potential layout for a blog, but it’s not really related to the original subject now, is it? So we’re kind of modifying our topic to fit our outline that was generated by a computer. The second one here is what I felt was the best.

It’s what I was going to be a long form blog post on. So the steps are planning for your video, what to include in your video, what types of videos to make and the call to action? Not super strong, but I just felt like it was the best one here. I want to point out, because I haven’t mentioned the other templates, that you can favorite things here. Right. So I’m just not sure where they go.

When I favorite them. I can see all of my my generated content over here, but I don’t really see a way to, like, filter out just my favorite ones so I can favorite things. But how do I get back to them, I guess is my my problem. All right. Back on track. Let’s go over to the blog section. I’ve got a document that I’m going to start creating here under documents, and it’s based on that concept of how to create videos for your business.

And what I did is I just pasted in all of the bullet points and then I kind of formatted them and made them bold so that I could easily see, you know, what things are going to look like easy. I got some garbage output here. And then I actually wrote this because the way this document editor works is that you write a little bit and then it writes a little bit. So you have to get to one hundred and two total words before I can use their content generation.

I will point out it as an early stage. Clearly, this is a very beta product from from beginning to end. But the the document editor here is even more beta than the rest of the tool. So I’ve got like my article title up here. There’s no formatting available. I can’t make this an H1 or anything like that. I really make it stand out. But I’ve got these headlines that I brought in from my outline and I just reorganize them and I change the last one from from call to action to go make your video.

So our first section would be what types of videos to make. And I wrote, it’s hard to decide what types of videos to make for your business. You need to find a balance between videos that are helpful and ones that generate qualified leads for your business. At this point, I wanted the AI to write something, but when I tried, it just wouldn’t work. Let’s see. I’ll try right now. Now need me to write forty one more words.

So maybe if I delete this I can kind of trick it. Now that’s not working. So I got an error. You saw the gobbledygook that came out and I can’t get it to write anything else on my behalf. What I’m to do is just copy this into a new documents and I’ll probably be able to use the generator from there. No one wants to do the stuff. All right, let’s do a new one. All this blog to give a description blog to you, you have to give it a description.

And I’m going to paste in what I wanted to start with. And now it says I can generate text. So, I mean, if I could do it here, why can do it there? But then the way this works is you select the text that you wrote and then you go to these little. Stars right here, and it should generate some new text for you. You can see this election and see what language you are putting in.

You want to change it? You can I’m going to leave it as the default and now took me out of that. Let’s go ahead. And then down here, it says, choose an online tool. The only one I see is that generic autocomplete are the only choice I have. It is currently loading something here at the top. And let’s see what options we get just as the document was saved. And now I need to get to 80 words to generate more.

So it’s definitely really, really buggy. I did get it to write like one line for me at one point, but it wasn’t even related to the heading. Right. So it was just kind of like about creating an engaging video. Again, it wasn’t related to what types of videos you can make or took any consideration into, like what I wrote up here. So it was just a starting over, essentially. So not very helpful at all.

So that’s going to do it. What else do I have to say? This app just is not for me now. I’m not seeing the value in it. But if you’re already using it and you love it, definitely leave me a comment down below. Let me know what I’m missing here, because I don’t want to misrepresent a tool. I just feel like this is a way to better actually to give them any money, especially, you know, monthly recurring fee.

I know they are available as a lifetime deal as well, but I don’t even think it’s worth that, to be quite honest. So that’s going to do it for this video. Make sure you get subscribed, because I do have more videos coming out related to copywriting as well as other things beyond that, because I’m almost done with this series and we’re going to start talking about some more WordPress related things coming up shortly after that. I also have an email newsletter you can get subscribed on below, join the Facebook group.

And if you’re going to buy any software for your company, you can use my links down below. That will kick us back. A little bit of money over here at the channel helps support the work that I’m doing. If you appreciate it, you want to support me, you can click. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. If not, I totally get that. You can do it for this. Review me. Your conversion rates be high and I’ll see you in the next one.

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