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Now, if I wanted to pose to one of these counts, I can go over to the Quriobot section, I could write a clever post and I can even drag and drop content in. Let’s go and publish this to both linked in as well as Twitter. What’s up, everybody, it’s Dave from Profitable Tools, I hope you are doing well today we are looking at a social media management or a scheduling platform called Paddler. Let’s go and get logged in, shall we?

All right. So right out of the gates, here is what the user interface looks like. I will say that the interface is actually fairly intuitive once you get past the green color. I’m going to just go ahead and bash them right away. There’s big green distracting dashboard I do not care for. I really wish companies would learn to keep the colors more subdued when they’re not buttons that are not trying to call my attention. I’m very sensitive to the bright colors.

I guess maybe it doesn’t bother anyone else. Let me show you around the interface a little bit. And I’ve already got some accounts connected up here, but they’re inside of a different team now. Teams are kind of like workspaces. So let me go ahead and switch teams from the drop down menu. I may go down to switch team and let me go over here to this one called Personal Use. All right. Now, I’ve switched over to that team and I can go back to my accounts and you can see I have my LinkedIn account and my Twitter account connected right here.

Now, if I wanted to post to one of these accounts, I can go over to the create section. I could write a clever post and I can even drag and drop content in. Let’s go and publish this to both LinkedIn as well as Twitter. Now, I have some media options here. I can add a watermark and I can choose to do it on each platform independently. So let’s say for LinkedIn, I’m going to create a new watermark here.

Let’s go ahead and add the profitable tools logo. I can choose where I want to put it. Let’s go ahead and leave it in the lower right hand corner, maybe add some opacity to it so it blends in a little bit more. Let’s make this my default watermark and I’ll call it profitable tools. Well, all right. Let’s go back to our post back under media options. I can go ahead and choose my watermark. It’s important to that these watermarks are account specific.

So while this is available in my LinkedIn account, it’s not available in my Twitter account. Each account has its own individual settings panel where you can set up a posting schedule the watermarks that you want to apply to that account. You can have individual signatures. So this could be useful if you’re using things like hash tags. We also have some useful settings you can integrate with Bitly or rebrand Lee. Sorry, no pixel me or switchy quite yet, but there is the ability to turn on UTM parameters right here just by switching this little Google Analytics switch box.

And you can add the UTM parameter so you can at least keep track of where the data is coming from over. The clicks are coming from under the shortcode section. You can make your own personalization tags. This is essentially what you see in most email marketing applications. But here they’re completely customizable. It’s going to a new shortcode. I can type something like email and then the value being my email address and well, it’s safe. Now, let’s go back to that post we were working on.

And if I wanted to insert my email address in that post, I could simply go ahead and do the curly bracket twice, choose the email shortcode. And then when this actually posts, it wouldn’t post with these curly brackets. It would post with my email address, which I don’t want to post that on social media. But the option is there. If you do, we can tag our location in our post. I think that’s an interesting feature you don’t see on every social media platform.

Here’s that signature. We talked about it and set that up on account by account basis. We can turn on auto sharing, which is really interesting. I’ll show you that in a little bit. We also have the ability to do follow up comments. So a lot of times on things like Facebook, you want to post and then leave a comment with a specific link in it. The idea is that a post that has a link in it, it doesn’t get quite as much traction with the Facebook algorithm.

I’m not sure how accurate that is these days, but that was certainly what people like to do for quite a while. So you could have a follow up comment right there. That’s a unique feature. I know some social media platforms have it, but not a lot of new ones do. So that’s great to see. Here’s a feature I don’t know that I’ve seen on another social media platform, and that’s auto delete. So if you want to regurgitate your content every three months, every six months, repost the same things, well, maybe it’d be useful for the other ones to self-destruct.

So you have the option to do that here under auto delete, you can choose a delay anywhere here from a few minutes all the way up to twelve months. And the last option over here is a delay between accounts. So if you’re going to post to both linked in and Twitter, you might not want them to go out at the exact same moment because it looks automated. And, you know, we are automating things. Everybody knows we’re automating them.

But if we want to make it seem a little bit more organic, we could put a little bit of a delay anywhere from a few minutes, one minute, all the way up to two weeks. Now, over here, you can choose which account you want to post you. Right now, I have it selected as both linked in and Twitter. In fact, I can see that because both of the icons are right over here to the left.

But if I want to do customize each post for individual platforms, that’s what this icon is for right here. If I click this, it kind of splits things off into their own separate post. You can see this is the linked in post and this is the Twitter post. Twitter doesn’t have the email while LinkedIn does. There are some interesting scheduling options. If I click this green button here, we have the option to post manually so we can choose this and set a date in time that we want our post to go out.

We can auto schedule, which means that we’re basically going to let the platform decide when to post for us based on our available posting times that we set up. In the account set up, we can also recycle content, which is a combination of posting things over and over again in an auto schedule format. So whenever we set a posting schedule, we can have the post go out automatically on a certain predetermined number of times. Let’s say I wanted to post three times next week.

I don’t really care exactly when it is. As long as it’s within my posting schedule, the platform will figure that out for me. Or I could do reoccurring posts, which will happen very specifically, and I will choose the actual times that I want those reoccurring posts to happen. So, for example, I can have this post repeat twice per week at nine or seven on Tuesdays and Sundays. Now we can add more than one post from the screen.

I can add a post right here and you can see you could continue to do that. If you have a lot of posts already in the format, you can certainly upload them that way as well, or you can even bulk upload content. If you have a certain location where all of your media already is, you can drag and drop it right here or just entering the URL. You can even add videos up to one gigabyte in size. I’m going to switch over to a different team that I’ve created called Profitable Tools, and lets go ahead and add some accounts here.

So right now I’d say that one of the shortfalls of the platform is that it only works with Facebook linked in Twitter and Google my business. It does say that Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are coming soon as well as this platform, which I’m not familiar with. I believe it is a Russian social network, so I’m not sure about that one. But the other ones, in fact, they even had Pinterest working for a moment and then apparently their API access ran out because Pinterest is redoing things that happens a lot with social media scheduling tools.

The apps change after reconnecting counts, but only having four platforms available right now is a little bit limiting. However, the integrations are working really well so far. So I’m going to show you how I can connect a Facebook group right now. Let’s go over to Facebook groups. I have to log in to Facebook and then it pulls in all of the groups that I’m currently an administrator of. So I can add this group right here and we can go back to our accounts.

So there is my Facebook group. I can go ahead and create a post for that Facebook group so we can post directly to the Facebook group without having to log in to Facebook at all. Really, which has a lot of benefits because Facebook is very distracting. All right. Let me connect one more Facebook page here. All right. It’s got a Facebook page. This time I’m going to do the Profitable Tools page and go back to your accounts.

All right. So now I’ve got both the Profitable Tools group as well as the page connected. Now, if I go to create a post, I think there’s a really interesting feature. Let’s say I choose to post to the Facebook group. I can automatically follow up with an auto share. So what this is, is it’ll allow me to have something that’s posted in one page or one platform and then automatically Reboo share it from another account. So this is a great way to kind of if you want to distribute information across multiple brands that you manage, you’ll be able to do that all automated in a scheduled formats.

You don’t have to wait. Oh, that post went out. I was going to go share that on my other pages. You get the idea this is going to save you a ton of time. I think they’ve got some really nicely thought out social media scheduling features built in here. Finally, they do have an analytics platform, but I’ve found it not to have a whole heck of a lot of information. So I’ve got a pretty active Facebook group here and it’s not giving me any data at all.

Now, upon doing a very small amount of research, it turns out that I think their analytics platform is pretty new and is still being developed. So definitely don’t get this tool if you’re looking for the best social media analytics. As far as a scheduling platform goes, I’m actually rather impressed. It’s very full featured. And if they were able to get direct posting to Instagram added, well, that would definitely be interesting. So what’s going on? Why don’t they have direct posting to Instagram?

Well, that’s kind of an Instagram issue. So they were very, very particular about which companies they partnered with early on. They’ve got a few partners, HootSuite, Buffer, those are the two main ones. And then everyone else just kind of gets shut out. Now, the rumor is that they will open things back up and add some more partners in the future. But until then, we’re going to have to deal with posting via apps or in this case, not using social media posting via that platform at all.

So just keep that in mind. It only works on four platforms right now. I’m definitely only invest in a tool that does what you need at the moment. Overall, if public would consider a name change, downplaying the use of that bright lime green color or at least melting it out a bit and maybe getting rid of some of the comic book superheroes that I see all over the UI, I’d be really, really impressed with it. Using it is actually very simple, clean and easy.

That’s not usually what you find from some of these smaller players in social media scheduling. I think the big names they charge for it, they’ve got a great UI and their platforms are very expensive. So when you’re looking at a newer platform, really, that’s all you’re trying to get is the similar service for a smaller price tag overall is not too bad. I’m going to go ahead and give this one in eight point three out of ten. If you want to grab your copy of publisher, the link will be down below and that’ll be the referral link for this channel via.

Any questions? Make sure you head over to the Facebook group are always welcoming new members and it’s going to do it for this video. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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