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What’s up, folks? It’s dave here from profitable Tools. And it’s another day, another GPT-3 product review. Don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, there’s this new class of application that’s all powered by the same AI.

It’s called open AI’s API. And I’m reviewing a lot of the applications that use that system. I’ve got a playlist down below, so make sure you check that out if you want to know more about these types of software tools. Today I’m looking at a tool called Writer. That’s Rytr.

This is a requested review. Several people asked me to check out this software. I presume because it’s currently available for a one time cost. Now, I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of the lifetime deal right now because those will eventually expire and then this video becomes less useful in the future. Just know that this tool currently has a lifetime deal.

Several of the other tools I reviewed had lifetime deals in the past that are no longer available. That would be copy Smith as well as write sonic. Those don’t have lifetime deals right now, but they’re still good tools and worth checking out. So hopefully Writer is as well. Let’s go ahead and analyze the sales page of their homepage a little bit here.

I’ve done this with the other tools just to kind of see how they are in terms of copywriters, right? They’ve got this great tool available to them. They should be making some absolutely killer copy on their homepage. And I will say that it’s not necessarily the greatest. It’s taking a page right out of the Jarvis playbook here.

Jarvis is the leader in this field. There’s no doubt about it. It’s not like I’m an affiliate trying to promote Jarvis. I am an affiliate for Jarvis, but I’m an affiliatewp for all these tools. I don’t really care which one you choose.

My job is to help you find the one that’s best for you. Jarvis here led the way in terms of marketing. They did an absolutely outstanding job just looking at it as a marketer in on their product, how they launched. They did a great job. So I can see why a lot of the other tools are trying to replicate what that team was able to accomplish.

We’ll talk more about Jarvis marketing in another video. All right, moving on. Let’s kind of scroll through the page here. Some bullet points. Nothing really super, eye catching, giving content writers and marketers superpowers.

We’ve got some testimonials here from actual users. No big brands or anything that they’re saying they’ve aligned with. We’ve got a nice little video here. I did watch a little bit of it. I’ll play it here for you for a second.

All right. So you get a little glimpse of their interface that we’ll look at more later. It’s very similar to what we’ve seen before in terms of you choose your input, you’re going to get your output over here. Although this tool has more of a word processor feel to it than any of the other applications we’ve looked at thus far. And I will show you that in just a moment.

All right, so the rest of the sales page, not that impressive, to be honest. The copywriting definitely leaves a little bit to be desired. It’s kind of generic, nondescriptive bullet points. Fast, responsive, and mobile friendly. That’s basically describing everything on the internet, right?

Everything should be fast, responsive, and mobile friendly. It’s affordable. $29 a month is their normal price. Again, it is currently available for a one time price. I will have details to that link down below, but I’m not going to go into it here in this video.

All right, so let’s go ahead and get into the application and see what we’re in for. So here is the user interface for Writer. Now, I will point out that it’s a little confusing to me because it says right in the upper left hand corner and the product name is Writer. So I think they’re just trying to be clever by spelling right differently. But when I see the logo, I’d expect it to be the same product name every time.

Now, what I do like about this is they have a real file format. If you’re an old school computer user, you’ll be instantly at home. You can see I can go to the home folder here, and I’ve got a document. I’ve got a folder. I can open up that folder.

I’ve got other nested folders inside. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to say click on something and move it into another folder. Once I’ve created the document, I can’t seem to move this, no matter how I try, into another folder. So you kind of have to make sure you’re in the right spot. Like, if I want to write a new blog post, I go into the blog folder and then create the document.

Maybe there’s a way to reorganize it. I haven’t found that yet, but I do like the overall layout. Now, I have gone ahead and already tested some of the inputs and outputs just to kind of speed along these videos because they are tending to be about 30 minutes in length each. So here we go. This one is called the Profitable Tools insider Product Description.

If you’ve seen my other videos, you know I go through the same process each time. I created a product description for this membership site called The Profitable Tools Insider. And basically what I did over here on the left is I can choose my language. I’ve got several languages to choose from. Not quite as many as we’ve seen in some of the other tools, but certainly enough for me since I only speak English.

Then we can select a tone over here. Enthusiastic. There’s quite a few different ones that you can choose from. Then you choose your use case. Now, the last thing I did was a blog idea and outline, so it doesn’t update as you go into different documents.

But I did choose the appropriate one, which was Product Description here and then for Product Name. And about this product, I used the same things I’ve used in all of the videos before I went ahead and generated this output. So here is the output that it generated initially, it’s never been easier or more profitable to start or grow a business online. This is the only goto place to find in depth tutorials and guides for the best tools to use in your business. Whether you’re just getting started with your first blog, creating your own course, launching an E WooCommerce store, or optimizing your existing traffic, our insiders have got you covered.

All right, so that’s okay. Output, it’s not my favorite. Out of all of the tools that we’ve seen, it just kind of got the context a little bit off. I’ll go ahead and put my inputs here so you can see what they were. So here is what I gave the AI to generate.

This first paragraph here, it says, Learn to start or grow an online business with in depth tutorials for top business software tools, create a website, build an E WooCommerce store, teach an online course, or optimize your existing traffic with our guidance. So I hit right for me. It spit this one out. Now, important to note, I had two variants selected, and the first time I clicked this, it only gave me one variant. I had to go back in again.

I clicked it again and I still only got one variant. Even though I had two selected, my options here are only one, two, or three. This is far less than we saw in the other tools, but in my mind, that’s almost okay when we start to look at some of the other features included in the editor. So the second output I received looked just like this. Initially it said, Want to start your own business?

Profitable Tools is a space for you to find all of the tools you need to succeed in business. To save time and make your work easier, we’ve curated all of the best software tools in one place so that you can focus on what’s important. With our help, you can create a website with WordPress, build an online store with Shopify, Teach, an online course with Teachable, or you can easily increase your traffic with ClickFunnels. All right, so that I felt like it was a much better output, and I like that it actually included some of the top software tools because I indicated that in my input. Top business software tools.

So it said WordPress shopify, teachable, click funneldash. Very smart for it to pick up on that little queue. Now it gets better from there because as you may have noticed, this is like a full user interface for a word processor we’ve got h one, h two, and h three headings. I can have quotes, I can align text, I can remove all of the formatting just like you do inside of a regular text editor. But this one is powered by AI.

So if I wanted to, let’s say, write an entire paragraph on this one line, I can select it and then choose this paragraph option. And this is what it gave me. So it said, have you ever wished you could find all of the tools you need to succeed in one place? Look no further. Profitable Tools is a space for you to find all the tools you need to succeed.

You can find resources such as apps, websites, books, and more. And all of these resources are vetted by our team to ensure that they are worth your time and energy. I thought that was a pretty good expansion of this single sentence, but the app is not without its fault. Other times it kind of fell down for me. So, for example, I wanted to get rid of click funnels.

Here I was hoping you could find another top software tool. Don’t make me go out and find one. I wanted to do it for me just to see if it could, because you probably can’t increase your traffic with click funnels. That’s not the point of click funneldash. So if I select this and kind of have it reiterate or rephrase the sentence, it’s not really coming back with anything of much value.

It’s kind of still emphasizing click funnels. If I just tried to have it reiterate on the word ClickFunnels, I can’t do that because to rephrase or improve the content I needed to is at least 30 characters. So I kind of get stuck. There other places the tool kind of fell down for me is, for example, if I selected some text, there are some more tools over here. I don’t know why they don’t just display all in one line, by the way.

I think that would be nice. I can shorten or expand the text. When I went ahead and shorten things, I didn’t find that I was getting very good results. So as an example, I just shortened this line. It says you can find resources such as apps, websites, books, and more.

And all of these resources are vetted by our team to ensure that they are worth your time and energy. The shortened version is our team views various apps, websites, books, et cetera. Ensures they’re all worth your time and energy. It’s very, very similar to the original content. In fact, I found the original content even though it was slightly longer, much easier to understand.

When I look at the user interface for the software, it’s definitely tailored more towards someone who’s already a writer and they’re trying to generate some long form content. It’s not necessarily going to be as good for someone who just wants to generate 100 or so different product descriptions for an E WooCommerce store, or has to come up with 20 or 30 Tweets for the day because they’re a social media manager. Looking at some of the features here, there’s really no way to say copy one and paste it inside of my Ecommerce store. Like, not a Quick button, I can’t save it as a favorite. I can’t easily share it with a link.

You’d have to use their team feature, which it does have, I will say, under account. If I go to the team profile here, I can add a team member for $19 a month. So that is good to know. If you’re on a content writing team, you could work collaboratively using this tool, but it doesn’t seem like it’s suited for short form content. Like we’ve seen, some of the other products really specialize in short form content.

This is going the other direction. It’s really geared more towards a word processor for actual writers that just want a little bit of GPT-3 help along the way. All right, next up, let’s look at the aida formula once again. I’ve already generated some outputs here. I’ve got the same description that I used before.

But I did run into an error here in that I’m not getting a call to action. If you’re familiar with the aida formula or framework, it should have four steps attention, interest, desire, and action. The last one, the call to Action, is where you tell someone how to go and do the thing you want them to do. Buy your product, sign up for your list, whatever it is. That was just flat out left out of the application here.

And as I did in the other applications when I reviewed Copy Smith and Write Sonic and Copy AI, I really took apart their attention section, which is your headline, and their call to action. Obviously, I can’t do that here, but if I just look at the attention section, get the best tutorials for top business software, it’s okay. It doesn’t really get my attention. And the other one that it generated for me is you’ve been dreaming of starting your own online business, but don’t know where to start? You’re tired of wasting time on trial and error?

We’ll show you how to start a business with step by step tutorials for top business software tools. It’s way too long for an attention getting headline, right? So it seems to me that the people engineering this software have either not really dialed in this template yet. It is new. I should say it has a little new section next to it.

Or maybe they just don’t really understand copywriting that well and they’re just tapping into the GPT-3 open AI API, and they’re not really pulling the best out. I think that’s where you’ll see the real distinction between powerful tools written by copywriters who know what is going on, and then these cheaper, less expensive tools. If you’re already a great writer. And this stuff doesn’t bother you? This is a way to save some money.

But if you’re looking for the most help to get the best output, I don’t think we’ve seen it yet. So what can we do here to actually get a call to action? Well, good news, you can actually just ask it to make you one. So here’s what I did. I said write me a call to action that sells an online membership.

If you’re familiar with Jarvis and Boss Mode, you’ll know that you can tell Jarvis this is another application to do things for you and then it will do it well. You can kind of do that here inside of right. I can choose Command, selecting the text first, choose Command and then it will actually generate an output for you. Here’s what I got. It said, join the number one fitness community in the world.

Thank you for interest in our fitness community. We have a 100% money back guarantee. You’re not completely satisfied. Yada Yada talking a lot about a fitness community with 10 million members with workouts programs and products here. So the problem is it didn’t go back to the initial inputs.

It kind of just forgot everything else that was going on. And I said, just write me a call to action that tells me a membership, online membership program. And instead it sold me a fitness community. That I think is kind of the difference. Right?

That’s what I’m trying to summarize is that it’s doing the same stuff, it’s just not really doing it in the same way in a way that’s beneficial to me, quite frankly. They can’t all win. Not all of these tools can possibly exist in a year from now. If you think about it, there’s only a couple of different web browsers. There’s only a couple of different real word processors.

We’re not going to have 1520 different AI powered writing tools. The market will decide. And on the internet it tends to decide very, very quickly. I would guess in a year from now, we’re going to look back and out of these seven or eight tools I’m reviewing, I bet only two or three are even still around. Will writer be one?

I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, but let’s continue looking at some more of its features. I want to create a long form blog post. So I went ahead here and I chose Blog Idea and Outline and I chose the keywords sales page for online course as my keywords. So here is what it gave me.

I’ve got how to create an engaging sales page that generates leads, the ultimate guide to writing software sales pages for your online course, and five ways to make a sales page that converts These are all fairly decent headlines. I don’t mind them at all. If we go through the outlines, they’re all pretty good as well. There’s a few grammatical issues, like anytime there’s an ampersand. It doesn’t seem to add the spaces around it.

Small thing. They can probably fix that. The quality of the outlines does leave a little bit to be desired. For example, this one down here kind of starts numbering halfway through. Outlined course value and proposition is, say, their first part of writing a successful sales page.

Not a great start, but then we have how to create a compelling story for your product or service. Detailed outline of what you learn in the course. That is not bad. Then we’ve got the joys and challenges of teaching online courses. Just kind of seems like it’s out of left field.

That’s definitely not a very good one. So what I’d like to be able to do is select this and say, make me another bullet point. But unfortunately, I can’t do that. I can have another command, although I fear it wouldn’t be able to pull in this information. I can rephrase it, but that’s just going to make this sound different.

I can improve it, but that’s going to correct grammar, and I can have it write a paragraph about this, but I don’t really want that. So there’s really no way for me to go in and just say, like, hey, give me another bullet point for my blog outline. That would be a really nice feature. Just say, hey, write me something. Of course, with three outputs, I could certainly mix and match the ones that I thought were best, put it into an order that made sense for my blog to kind of tell an engaging story inside of my article.

That is definitely something that you’re going to need to do at this point. You can’t just rely on the tool itself to make a perfect outline for you. So let’s work with this last one right here. Five Ways to make a sales page that converts. I do appreciate that it gave me five actual bullet points.

Now, if I wanted to turn this into an article, what I do is select the line and just say, give me a paragraph. So bullet point one is a good one. Create an engaging headline that will attract your target audience. Creating an engaging headline is not easy. It requires a lot of creativity and time to come up with one that will attract your audience.

That’s perfect. I really like that. Luckily, this is where artificial intelligence comes in. Artificial intelligence can help you generate headlines for any given topic in no time. They’re very good at it, too.

According to research by the University of California at Berkeley, AI writers have a better success rate when it comes to generating engaging and creative headlines than humans do. Is this the first sign that robots are starting to replace us? They think they’re better than us? I don’t know about that. I would love to see some actual research from the University of California.

All right, so upon googling this subject, the only thing that I found that was remotely relevant from June 15 of this year. It says, UC Berkeley researcher argues that artificial intelligence cannot replace human empathy. So not necessarily going to replace AI. So let’s say I wanted to go a little bit of a different direction with this. Can I guide the AI to write about something else?

So I could select, let’s say, this line right here where it says it requires a lot of time and creativity to come up with one with a headline. Let me actually just change that with a headline that will attract your audience. And then what I’m going to do is have a generation it another paragraph based on this line. If it comes back with another AI line, I’m going to start getting a little bit worried. Creating a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention can be time consuming and difficult.

Copywriters have to sift through their creativity to come up with different ideas that will sell the product and attract a new customer. And here it is. The AI writing assistant can help by generating creative headlines and titles at the touch of a button. So basically, our kids are going to learn that the only way to write a headline is to ask a computer to do it for you. All right, moving on.

Let’s write some more paragraphs here. So this paragraph was supposed to be about an irresistible offer. Here’s what it wrote. It’s important to make sure that the offer is relevant and irresistible. It should be easy to understand and complete.

Have you ever been reading an article on the Internet only to find out that it was not what you were expecting? Or have you found yourself watching a video online only for it to freeze and end abruptly? The content may have been decent, but when it comes down to it, these are distractions. What was supposed to be a quick read becomes an ordeal. Instead, this will eventually cause the reader or viewer’s attention span to dwindle and the result in a bounce rate increase.

So why would someone want this sort of experience? On top of that, how can we keep our readers interested and engaged with us? There are many benefits that come from Anne, and you see this all the time with GPT. It kind of just starts writing a sentence and it gets bored and goes and does something else. So what we can do with this tool here is we can select it and we can say, rephrase.

Oops, that time I got an error. You know what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to expand this sentence. All right, now it finishes off for me. There are many benefits that come from artificial intelligence powered writing assistant. They can save time for business by automating tasks, providing quality content that require minimal editing and used across departments to provide high quality content creation.

My word, these tools are going to try to take over the Internet. I’m starting to get a little bit worried. Just kidding, of course. All right, so the copy here not half bad. Kind of slanting more towards AI, of course.

But let’s find out how it does in terms of Plagiarism. Now, there is the ability to check for Plagiarism right inside of the app. So I’m going to select this, go up to More, and go ahead and run it for Plagiarism. Plagiarism results, no matches were found. Now let’s do that same thing, but I’ll do it with a third party tool called Copyscape.

I pasted in my text. Let’s run a premium search. All right. No results found. This cost me checked 140 words, a little bit lower than some of the other tools, but I thought maybe I’d catch them this time because it does quote that UC Berkeley thing in here.

I thought maybe that was pulled from an article. But it doesn’t find anything. So it looks like we’re good to go. I do want to point out that you can see a history of everything you have done inside of the app. Right here, for example, my blog writing section.

You can see my inputs. Here it is saved. Shows me how many words I used in that creation. Same thing with the blog idea outline. You can see everything that I entered in all of the magic commands.

That is all saved in a history. So you can know exactly what you did. And if you got poor output, you can also report that, and then hopefully they’ll reimburse you with credits would be the best case scenario. All right, so this is my review of Writer. Now, who do I think this product is good for?

It’s going to be more of the budget conscious, long form blogger, as I already mentioned. I don’t think it’s suited, ideally, if you’re doing a lot of short form content, product descriptions, socialbee media, that sort of thing. But if you’re trying to write a lot of blog posts and you just don’t have a budget for the top end tools and let’s speak frankly here, that is Jarvis. The review for that is coming up soon, so make sure you get subscribed, turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss it. That’s going to be the market leader.

It’s got the best tools, the most features. It’s going to be very interesting to compare it to some of the lower priced options that we’ve been looking at over the last week. So that’s what I would say for Writer. It’s not a bad application. It just doesn’t have as good of outputs as we’ve already seen in some of the other tools and as we’re going to see in Jarvis, because I know I’ve been using that application for a while.

I know how good the outputs tend to be from Jarvis. So it’s going to do it for this video. If you want to connect with me you can always find me at the Facebook group. The link is down below. You can also get my weekly newsletter.

Sign up for that. I’ll have the link in the description box as well. If you want to support me by buying any of the products we’ve discussed in this series or really just anything else. I got a bunch of links down in the description as well. That’s my referral link.

So I earn a commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. It’s going to do it for this review. I’ll see you in the next one.

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