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TextSniper allows you to copy any text that you see on your screen. When I say any text, I really mean it. It doesn’t matter if the text is inside of a video, inside of an image, or if the website is just preventing you from copying whatever is on screen. Like here’s some Amazon listings. And for some reason, on their basic page, I can’t copy the product name names so I can activate TextSniper on my system.

I’ve set it to activate with Shift Command One. I get these little crosshairs and then I can select the product title just to prove to you that it’s really working. Here’s a blank text document I’ll go ahead and paste in the contents of my selection. I find Tech Sniper really useful when I’m taking online courses. This is a course I’m taking right now on LinkedIn, learning all about user experience for web design.

Now, there’s lots of slides in this course and it moves pretty quick. So I could pause the video and take notes, or I could just go ahead and turn on Text Expander, copy the slide, and it’s saved to my clipboard. Again, if you don’t believe me, here’s the contents. Of course, it also works for images. Here’s a product image on Amazon.

And as you can see, there’s a lot of text in this image. So I’ll go ahead and turn on TextSniper, and this time before I select the text, I’m going to press Command L. This is going to let me toggle on line breaks. You can see here that line breaks are going on and off. So I want to make sure that I have line breaks off and I’m going to select the text.

You can see that this text is broken up in a very funny way to fit into the image, but it wouldn’t look very good if I copied this and just pasted it into a document. Once again, here’s our proof. I’ll paste this in and you can see that all of the line breaks have been removed. If I copy that same text with line breaks on, you can see that it’s going to copy it exactly as you see inside of the image. Text Sniper can also read to you, so I’m going to go ahead and have it read this first line of a product description to me, turn it on, press Command S.

This turns on Text to Speech, and then I can select the text that I want read to me. Padded zero gravity patio chair for ultimate comfort when relaxing outdoors. So that’s Tech Sniper. It’s one of my favorite apps for the Mac, and I use it every single day. Best of all, it starts at only $8 and it’s a one time payment.

There’s also a promo code that will save you 30% on your purchase. So check that out in the description. If you’d like this video and you want to see more videos like it make sure you subscribe to this channel and click the like button. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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