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So this is the page you might send off to your customer. You can customize this banner, you can change your profile image, you can have your company name up here as well as your company logo. Then you can have a little message followed by some props down here where you’re asking people to answer questions they can record videos for. What’s up, everybody, it’s Dave from Profitable Tools. And in this video, we’re going be looking at video appeal, a new tool designed to help you get video testimonials from your clients.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. Here is the interface for a video appeal. You can see it’s fairly simple. We’ve got three tabs up the top campaigns, which is where you create the pages you send out to your prospects or your customers to leave reviews for you. Then we have videos, which is actually where you’ll see the videos that people have submitted to you. And then we have insights which we’re not going to be covering in this video.

It’s a Opsahl. Basically, this is a way to get an ideal customer profile generated. They’ll do some research for you and kind of put together one of these. They show you some examples here of what it would look like. So we won’t be covering that today. We’re strictly looking at how we can request videos and then what it looks like once we receive them. So here we go. This is what a campaign looks like. I’ll take you through this one that I’ve got already built out.

Then we can also build one together. So you can see we’ve got ninety three views here and only three submissions. That’s kind of how it goes with video testimonials. I find it’s like pulling teeth to get customers to actually provide them, because let’s be honest, no one really wants to be on video. No one wants to do what I’m doing. It’s, you know, it’s just a difficult thing to do. It’s like public speaking. So often people will incentivize these types of things, whether or not you think that is agreeable or fits with your business model, that’s for another video.

But let’s talk about how we can actually send out these pages. So here’s what it’s going to look like. Let’s look at the share link and then we can get an idea for what to fill out. So this is the page you might send off to your customer. You can customize this banner, you can change your profile image. You can have your company name up here as well as your company logo. Then you can have a little message followed by some props down here where you’re asking people to answer questions they can record videos for.

Recording a video is fairly simple. Just click this little button and it’ll ask if you can use your webcam. I don’t actually have a webcam connected to my YouTube making computer, so you’ll have to trust me on this, that it works conveniently. It also works on a mobile phone. So you don’t have to worry about someone being on a laptop with a webcam. They can just do it right from their regular mobile phone. Then down here below we have a little footer area.

This is customizable as well. We’ll look at that. And just a second. In fact, let’s jump over and look at the campaign right now. So here is that green bar that you saw at the top. You can choose any color that you want here, although you can’t do any sort of gradients or upload your own banner. I think that would be a nice touch. Here is the profile photo that you saw. Then we have the company name right here.

The main question that you want to ask or the topic of the video, and then you can also upload your logo right here. This is that message section, I point out a second ago. And then here are these props. Now, it’s nice that you can actually have multiple prompts. So if you want to ask people two or three questions, you could say, you know, what is your favorite color? And then you can have some details here.

Is it blue? I bet it is. And we’ll save this. Now, if I go back to look at my campaign, you can see I have two questions here. The one I had before, as well as what is your favorite color? And I can kind of expand these prompts. I’m not actually a super big fan of the way these arrows are going down and then to the right. It just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, Heuristically.

It just doesn’t really click for how that works. And I one automatically closes when I click the other. But that is the main idea. One thing that might bother people is that there’s no way to change the text on the button or change the button color, which would definitely be helpful as well as this link color. If you’re trying to get everything to kind of look nice and on Brand, there’s also no way to change the fonts that are being used or any way to inject any sort of success or any JavaScript that you might want to, you know, customize the look of the page over here on the right hand side and see some brief analytics.

How many people have viewed the page versus submitted videos? You can set an expiration date for the campaign. And is that a max number of videos? So if you don’t want to use up all of your account allotment on a single video, you could certainly restrict that right here. We can have a privacy policy and terms and conditions attached. And you can also require a signature so that someone gives you permission to use the video and things like YouTube videos when you want to promote your business.

That’s a nice thing to do. Then we can also decide what user info we want to capture. I have it set to name and email, but you could add in things like phone number or address if you needed to for your business. Then we also have text for a thank you page or the option to link out to an external thank you page. And then on our call to action, we can actually ask people to share the video they just made on Facebook, Amazon or Google.

And then down here are the links for the footer section that we saw on the page over here in the videos tab. You can see all of the videos that have been submitted. We can change the thumbnail of the video here. We can add a different title tag things for organization. You can also see whether or not they signed. You can see that this person signed the release right here, whereas this person did not. We have some options over here to submit this video over to YouTube.

Now, currently, this function is. Not working, but that would be a nice option to be able to automatically uploaded to YouTube account, we can send it over to Amazon. So that’s really interesting. It could go as a product video inside of your product if you’re selling over an Amazon. Of course, we can just download the file and eventually you’ll also be able to upload it to Facebook. That feature is not available right now either. Overall, the core product idea of video appeal is solid.

It genuinely solves the problem. People have video reviews are really helpful to businesses and getting people to successfully submit them to you is difficult. There’s always that tech hurdle of I’m not really sure what to do with the file. It’s really big. I sent over email, things like that. So this definitely takes that out of the equation. However, if I’m going to spend money for a service, I just would like a little bit more fit and finish.

You can see that the request pages leave a little bit to be desired in terms of design. The functionality is all there. But if you want to entice people to get you a video testimonial, I want to really wow them with my professionalism, maybe have a custom domain name and make those pages just look really, really on brand, make my business look good. And right now, video appeal is just not quite doing that. Although if you need something to serve this functionality, I mean, it’s working.

The product works. I’ve got video reviews to back it up, so there’s no denying that. That said, I’m going to go ahead and give this one a seven point two. I think it could be there with just a little bit more fit and finish. This video has been helpful to you and click the link down below. That’ll be our referral link for video appeal. If you have any questions, make sure you leave them in the comments down below.

I try to get back to each and every one, or you can head over to the Facebook group or we’re discussing this tool as well as many other profitable tools. It’s going to do it for this video. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next one.

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