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Now, I could take a snapshot before I do this, that’s that incremental back up and we’ll look at that in a second. But you know what? Let’s live dangerously. Let’s go ahead and hit reset here. I’ll type in the word reset, quick reset site and let’s go to it. What’s up, everybody, it’s Dave and Profitable Tools, and in this video, I’m going to talk about WordPress that this is a WordPress plug in with four primary features.

First of all, you’ve got an emergency recovery system. So no matter how badly your website gets hacked, you can always get in and get your data out. Second, we’ve got snapshots which are kind of like a time machine incremental recovery system. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll know what that means. I’ll show you all about it in this video. Third, we’re going to be able to one click install entire collections of plug ins. So if you have a preset pack of plug ins you’d like to install on every site, you create maybe a theme in 20 or so different plug ins that are premium and have activation codes, you’ll be able to do that with a single click and finally reset.

You’ll be able to reset your site to any degree that you want. You can go nucular and get rid of the entire thing. In fact, let me show you how that works to begin. I’ve got a demo site set up here. It’s an Astra starter site. Looks pretty good. It’s for a personal trainer. We can scroll through, see there’s lots of photos and nice and looks really good. All right. Let’s go ahead and blow this thing up and go back to the dashboard plug ins, add new and let’s search for reset.

Now, there is a free and a premium version of WPEC. Let’s go ahead and try out the free version. First, stalled and activated reset lives under Tooele. So I’ll go to tools and choose WP reset. And now under the reset section, I can see there are three different types of resets that are possible, but only one that is available in the free plug in. If you want to reset the options leaving most of your site intact, you’ll need the pro version.

And if you want to do a completely nucular reset of your site, you’ll also need the pro version for that. But the middle option, the site reset is available for free. They do have this handy table so you can see what’s going to stay and what’s going to go. The check marks will stay, the red things will go. So with one we’re about to perform, it’s going to keep my Amelia files. It’s going to keep my existing user, the one I’m logged in as.

And everything else is pretty much going to go other than my content. Scroll down to site reset. Now, I can keep my current theme active if I want. I’ll do that. I can reactivate the reset plugin that’s on by default and I can even reactivate all of my existing plug ins if I want. Now, I could take a snapshot before I do this. That’s that incremental backup and we’ll look at that in a second. But you know what?

Let’s live dangerously. Let’s go ahead and hit reset here. I’ll type in the word reset, click reset site and let’s go to it now. I expect if I go back to my homepage, it’s going to look like a default WordPress site, which it does. If I go back over to my plug ins, I’m expecting to see all of the plug ins still there, but none of them are active. All right. I think at this point it would be a good opportunity for us to switch over to the pro version.

So I’m just going to go ahead and deactivate and delete this and let me upload the pro version. I really like how WP reset handles activations. Now, they do have codes, licenses that you can just copy and paste in if you prefer that method. But if you want to keep things a little bit cleaner for your clients so they can’t see your license keys, there’s a solution for that. I’m going to go over to the reset page where I have an account.

Let’s add a new license. I’m going to choose the domain license and let me enter in my website here. I can have an expiration date for this license if it’s only temporary. But I’m going leave this up forever. And then I can also turn on my Astra features over here, like white labeling and their cloud reset options. All right. With those on let’s go ahead and create this license. Here we go. Now, back over in the plug in.

Let me load up WP reset and I will activate with the keyless activation. There we go. It works now. Real quick, I’m just going to do the nuclear reset so that I have a completely clean website to start from. All right, my site is completely reset, and I know if I go over to plug ins, there is nothing over here other than reset Pearl, which is exactly what I want. Now, imagine you just fired up this fresh WordPress install and you need to get your plug ins and themes on it.

First thing you do is one by one, upload all the plug ins, right? Well, not with that VPS. Let’s head over to Tool’s, go to WordPress at Pro and then go under collections. Now, before I do this, I’m actually going to turn on their cloud service so that I can actually upload my own plugin. So that’s really easy. I’ll go over to settings and then choose the cloud service. Notice that you can use Dropbox, Google Drive or Cloud, but I’m going to choose that Resat cloud for now.

And let’s head over to collections now. I don’t have any collections set up yet, so let’s create a new collection. I’ll call it my favorite plug for now. And let’s start off by adding my favorite theme, Astra. I’ll just search for Astra notice that it’s using the WordPress repository so that it’s going to pull in the most recent version. And I’ll add new. Great. Now let’s add some plugins about Elementor starter sites and antispam be all right.

You get the point. I could continue installing my favorite plug ins for a long time to come. I do want to point out that if I had a premium plug in that I wanted to install, I would choose the zip file over here. And this is the reason you need the cloud service on because it actually uploads that zip file and then you can enter your license key in here. Then when you install this, it’s all going to install and get activated in a single click.

For now, I’ll skip this and let’s just go ahead and install this theme plus three plug ins. Really easy to do. I’m simply going to click, install and activate collection. Just wait a second. You can see the progress that’s installing Astra, activating Astra, installing Elementor, activating Elementor, so on and so forth. All right. My collection was successfully installed and the next time I launch a fresh site, I’ll be able to set up WGP reset.

Come right over here, find my favorite plug ins collection and install it with a single click. Now, let’s talk about snapshots, which is that incremental recovery system that I was telling you about that’s similar to Apple’s time machine. Snapshots are located right over here, but before we use them, I’m going to set things up in the settings. I’m going to first turn on automatically create snapshots before running. We reset tools and I’m also going to turn on automatically create snapshots when doing updates and manipulating plug ins and themes.

All right. Let’s save those options now. Let’s go ahead and rebuild our site because I’m using Astra starter sites. It’s very, very easy to get back to where we were a Gondor appearance. Choose starter templates, choose my favorite page builder, which is Elementor. Here’s our personal trainer theme. Let’s import this site. I’ll hit important. It’s going to go ahead and install a few plugins for me and let’s go ahead and check out our site.

Boom, right back to normal like we never did anything. So now I can go from a clean install of WordPress to a full functional site in about three clicks. First, I have to install and activate WP Reset Pro, then I have to install my collection of plug ins and then I simply click on the starter site that I want inside of Astra starter sites. And boom, there we go. We’ve got an entire website up and going. Now let’s go ahead and install another plug in to see how we reset response.

Let’s add ShortPixel, install this and activate. All right. ShortPixel installed. But you know what? I don’t actually want to compress any images. I want to see how WP reset response. So let’s go to Reset Pro and go over to snapshots. And sure enough, there we go. We have a new snapshot that was created automatically when I activated ShortPixel. So it’s very important to understand here the snapshot happens upon activation. The installation doesn’t really do anything.

It’s 5.5 megabytes. So if I want to roll back to you before this plugin was installed, I could simply click right here and then go back to that snapshot point. But what’s really interesting here is I can also compare what the plugin has done to my WordPress installation. Let’s do that by clicking on compare snapshot to current data. Now, I can see that ShortPixel has added a couple of tables to my WordPress database is also modified some schema and some existing tables and then left the rest of WordPress on modified with many plug ins.

If you just install them, there’s still going to leave those extra files around with WP WordPress you can easily try out plug ins and remove them without having your database get bloated with extra tables. Finally, the last feature I want to talk about is the emergency recovery script. This is the idea that you’re Saikat so balked you can’t even log in again. Are the files have been corrupted. Someone has hacked in. It’s just gotten really bad, right?

So we can run this emergency recovery script and be able to regain access to our site. Now, you can use this one of two ways. If you’re using WP reset on a production site, the way you should probably use the recovery script is only when you need to. And that means you don’t even worry about it right now. But if you’re doing development, let’s say you’re plug in developer WordPress. That is great for that because you can easily see the changes and how things react instead of WordPress test out different plugin conflicts.

It’s a really useful tool for developers. So if you’re doing it as a developer, you can head over to support and then turn this on. So there might be one thing that’s obvious here and that if I don’t turn this on until I need it and then I can’t log in to turn this on, how can I get to the script while. WP reset has you covered here because inside of their website, you can actually generate the emergency recovery script and then just upload it via FTP to your website if anything ever goes wrong.

Knock on wood. So what I’m going to do now is completely destroy the website. But before I do that, I do want to copy the path to this recovery script as well as the password for the recovery script. And now let’s go ahead and screw this website up. All right. Here are a ton of WordPress files for this site. I’m just going to go ahead and delete them. Let’s delete a little bit more. Why don’t I just remove my themes, too?

All right. And I’ll check out what our website looks like. I’m not looking so good. All right. I hope this works. I’m going to run the recovery script and it’s asking for the password login. All right. It’s giving me some helpful information here in that the following core files are missing. Those are all the ones I deleted. Let’s reinstall those. All right. My core files have been restored under plug ins. I can activate or deactivate plug ins if I think there’s a conflict there.

Of course, there is a button to toggle them all off. And I can also install a theme because right now I don’t have one. If my administrator account was deleted, I could even create a new one right here. And if I run into some sort of redirect issue, I can even update the WordPress. You are all right from the screen. All right. Let’s check it out and see if my site is at least loading right now.

Sure enough, it is now. It doesn’t look great because I’m not running the proper theme. We can solve that quick installation of Astra activate it. And there we go. Our site is back and completely functional after wiping out a good chunk of the core files it was running in no time, couldn’t be easier. So WP reset files, this unusual whole one I didn’t really even know existed. It’s not quite a backup plug in. In fact, I would definitely recommend continuing to use a backup plug in while you’re using WP reset.

But it’s the type of thing once you get used to having it around, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So if you want to grab your copy of WP Reset, the link will be in the description. Of course, you can always head over to the Facebook group and ask any questions you have about WP reset or just leave a comment down below. I try to get back to everybody. Thank you for watching. I hope this video has been helpful and I’ll see you in the next review.

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