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What’s up, everybody, is Dave here again from Profitable that schools today I’m looking at another three writing application. This time it is Writesonic now if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve been covering three copywriting tools over the last week or so. You can go back to the beginning of this playlist where I explain what this technology is and why there are so many similar apps. My goal with this series is to expose the differences between the different apps because there’s huge price variations and huge quality variance depending on which tool you choose.

I am an affiliate for all of these products, so I don’t really care which one you pick. If you want to support me, you can always click one of the links down below. Now we’re going to get into Writesonic right now, but I’m going to give you a little update. I am going to be expanding this series because there’s so many great applications. People keep asking for additional ones. I’m going to be reviewing at least three additional tools in addition to the ones I’ve already announced.

And I’m also going to be creating a final summary video once I complete all of the individual reviews. So hang with me. These videos will be coming out as quickly as possible. I know some people are kind of waiting on my vertex to help them choose which tool is right for them. So I really appreciate your support. And let’s get right into Writesonic. All right. Just like we did for the last tool, which was Copysmith. I’m going to review their homepage just quickly here.

You can see it actually looks very similar to me to the Jarvis homepage, which I’m going to be reviewing shortly here. That’s one of the next ones up. You can see it’s got a very kind of similar look here with the, you know, kind of gradients in the text. I guess that’s kind of style the way things are these days. And we also have a very similar little demo here to what we saw on the Copysmith page. Now, I have heard other people have told me I have no historical evidence of this, but I guess the Copysmith after I published that last review, people are saying, you know, Copysmith kind of rips off some of the ideas from other companies.

And I guess that’s software, right? So I don’t really get offended at that. Everybody kind of borrows here and there from different features. If you look at iOS and Android, they’re kind of constantly going back and forth stealing ideas from each other. Hopefully their iteration can improve upon the previous one. So I don’t really have a problem with that. But if the marketing issues are just kind of stealing all their marketing, I guess that is a little bit shady.

You can see that this is the same type of product that we saw in the other tools that I’ve reviewed. And really, honestly, the same type of tools we’re going to see here. It’s showing Facebook ads. Everybody’s got a very similar layout for this. It looks like they have a few different demos. So I can see what these other ones look like to me. Facebook ads, again, it looks like. So I’m not sure what the point is of having different ones here.

Let’s see. The last one is this is Facebook has also OK, so let’s continue on here. Some, you know, ways that Writesonic can solve your pain points, how it works. You choose a templates, you describe your project or put your input in it, generate and then you get your hobby. So same process we’ve seen before. I don’t see any, you know, like big names here like we saw on the Copysmith page. But it does look like they have a nicely designed homepage.

So that is a good thing. The copy itself is not overwhelmingly eye grabbing. Makes me wonder if maybe the people who run the company are more engineers than they are copywriters, which is a downfall of a lot of tools like this. I don’t know if that’s the case that just kind of the speculation looking at their homepage, you’re going to be seeing me reacting to this software and alive as we go through it. I’ve used it a little bit, but that was many months ago, so I want to see how they’ve progressed since then.

All right, here we go. I am logged into my account. See, I’m using a trial account right now. So if I need to upgrade to see all the features, I will definitely do that. But right now, I’m just on a free trial. They have a limited time offer. When you see this, maybe this will be gone. I don’t know. But I’ll give you fifty five percent off any of their plans with this promo code at checkout so you can check that out.

It’s going to make a new project here. So this is looking kind of similar to what Copysmith did in terms of organizing things into the project. Actually, no, that was where we had projects. I’ll call this Profitable Tools demo you create. All right. Now, this is looking a lot like Jarvis, and I haven’t reviewed Jarvis in about six months, but this is what Jarvis look like back then. They have since updated their design a little bit.

But you can see we’ve got these nice big tiles with the different types of templates they have available. So we have digital ads, writing tools, social media copy website,, e-commerce copy, video, copy, other tools. That’s going to be kind of the know, more whimsical things like maybe not. This is, you know, state solution. That’s copywriting. I don’t know why that’s in there, but startup ideas, ideas, keyword extractors and then more coming soon.

So we don’t know what that means, but they’ve certainly got a lot of templates to begin with. Now, what I like to do with these tools is start off with a product description that kind of is the baseline that I’m using here. We’ve got product name. I call it the profitable tools insiders, and I’m going to add product characteristics here. All right. So this is a little bit different because I don’t have a product description. I’m just giving it, you know, characteristics.

It looks like they’re saying, you know, fresh, delicate mix of white and green sea. So I’ll say things like learn to build a website, learn to sell an online course, start an e-commerce business, learn marketing, automation. All right. So this is going to cost me one credit. You can see I’ve got 10 credits for the promotion here. One generation is one credit and I’ll get five description’s from that. And if any of them are wrong, I can take a screenshot and send it to their support.

And I suppose they will make the judgment of whether I deserve a new credit based on that. All right. Let’s go ahead and generate our product description. All right. Here we go. We’ve got our results. Let’s look at a few of them. The first one says, The profitable tools inside, of course, is a 12 week online training course for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build a website selling online course, start an e-commerce business and learn marketing automation.

With the help of our expert instructors and coaches, you will have the foundation you need to grow your business using the latest marketing strategies. All right. That’s pretty solid. I’ve mentioned this in a few other three videos, but you’re going to see a lot of made up facts, like the fact that this is a course or that it’s a 12 week online training course. That stuff just kind of the open API just makes up those numbers. So it’s up to you to proofread everything, make sure it’s factually accurate.

What you should not have to worry about is plagiarism. So that’s why I test each output for plagiarism using a tool like Copyscape. I’ll do that near the end of the video. So if you want to see how that works, make sure you stay tuned. All right. Let’s look at a few more outputs here. This next one says that the profitable tools insiders is a community of people who want to create a life by learning how to start and grow their online business.

We teach you how to build your website, sell your online course, automate your marketing and much more. There are courses for beginners and advanced marketers. All right. This is, you know, pretty impressive stuff. You just can’t get over the fact that I just told them, you know, these these very basic inputs like learn to build a website, learn to sell an online course. And they’re making the assumption that this is going to be for marketers and you’re going to learn to grow your life so that you can do these things.

I mean, it’s it’s really quite remarkable, the technology behind all of this. Here’s another one that kind of stands out to me just because how they grouped everything together at the beginning. Profitable tools inside is a community of entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and online business owners who want to help you turn your side gig into a full time income. That is a really good line right there. And I love that they were able to grab affiliate marketers. That is actually a large part of people who watch my channel.

They do their own affiliate marketing. So they’re looking for tools that they can, you know, either promote themselves or that they can use to help grow their business, which is affiliate marketing. All right. As far as how this page works, there are a lot less features than some of the other tools we’ve seen. There is no copy button here. I can’t just copy one thing. Of course, I can select the text and copy it the old fashioned way.

Nothing wrong with that. And there is a bookmark button, so I really like one of them, like I did like that affiliate marketing one. I can bookmark that, but I have to actually give it a title and a description which is OK, I guess you know I can just save here not they do require a title. So that is my opinion kind of defeats the purpose of a bookmark because now I have to slow down and say the one about affiliate marketing and it’s safe and then it’s safe.

So now I have to click, you know, three times and type just to save some output. So that is a little bit tedious. I would like to see that simplified and, you know, just a single click to start something, bookmark something should be sufficient. But I don’t really even need to do that because all of the product descriptions are automatically saved. As they say here. We can go to usage history page and see them. However, I don’t have a way to remove bad ones from this page.

So preventing them from getting saved, either one of those options would be sufficient so that I don’t have to kind of go in and tag them with my notes about why I liked it. We can download the text right here and when I download that, it is just downloading a text file. Just to summarize, out of the three tools I’ve reviewed in this series so far, Copysmith had the most options that had a ESV option, a PDF option, as well as the text option and

I only had ESV option. So here with Writesonic, we’re only seeing a text file option. And of course we do have a unique shareable link. That is something we’ve seen in all of the tools so far. I can copy this, paste it in, and then I can share it with my teammates so that they can see, you know, what is going on with my my copy, maybe give me some input. I am trying to load it here.

It’s actually going quite slow. There it is a load it up and nothing showed up here. Let me try doing it in an incognito window. That’s interesting. So it is responding very, very slowly and it did finally load up. But it’s not showing me anything here. I’ve not got any of the output that I saved. So it looks like they’re links. Is not functioning right now. I take that back, it just took some time to load and now here I’ve only got the option to heart things.

I can’t comment on them. I say heart because that’s what some of the other tools used. But I bookmark them and if I bookmark it, I can still leave a title and description. So maybe you could give your opinion there about why you liked it so far. Out of the three tools I’ve reviewed, I really like Copysmith approach to this best because you could actually vote up or vote down. Copy. So if you found some that you really liked, you could send it to the rest of your team to vote on.

They could vote up the ones they liked and vote down the ones they definitely did like that did not like excuse me, that would probably speed along the process a little bit. You could also edit the text before you share the link here. If I close this window, I don’t have any way to edit this text before sharing the link. So definitely some room for improvement on this one so far. All right. Let’s head back home and do some more testing.

I’m going to go back into my Profitable Tools demo project, and this time I’m going to look for the idea formula after we’re done with that. Here it is. After done with that, will try writing a long form blog post, see how that works. All right. Let’s go to the idea framework. And now I need to give a product service description. I’ve already got one. Saved my clipboard, so I’m just going to paste that in.

All right. Here it is. This is the same description I’ve used in all three videos so far. LearnDash started growing online business with in-depth tutorials for top business software tools, create a website, build an e-commerce store, teach an online course, or optimize your existing traffic with our guidance. All right. Let’s generate some frameworks here. So the way this should work is I should see an attention and interest, a desire and an action section for the outputs that are generated.

This is going to cost me, again, one credit and I’ll get five different outputs. All right. So very good. It is in the right format. What I’ve done in the other videos and I’ll continue to do that here is really rather than just looking at the entire output, I kind of pick on whether they have a good headline, which is the attention section and whether or not they have a good call to action, because those are two very important parts about getting this formula right.

If you don’t have a good attention or headline section, nobody’s going to read it anyway. So here we go. We’ve got. Are you interested in starting a business? All right. That’s all right. Are you interested in starting an online business? OK, are you ready to grow or start or grow your online business? We’re seeing a bit of a theme here. These are very similar. Do you want to start a business but don’t know where to start?

All right. That’s a little bit different. And then it says, do you want to start an online business but don’t know how? That’s all five outputs. OK, so I would love to have seen a little bit more variation inside of the headlines because these are all very, very similar. So if you know you’re not going to ask your audience if they want to start a business, what else could you do to get their attention? You know, maybe talk about results or, you know, address some of their fears or their pains, why they’re not doing it, not just are you ready?

That’s really what we got five times in a row. OK, so not the greatest attention getting sections there. Let’s take a look at the call to actions. Click this ad now so we can show you the best way to start an online business today. All right. That’s definitely a call to action. Not super enticing, but it is one that we know to be fair here. We have not had great call to actions on any of the three tools I’ve reviewed thus far.

So that’ll definitely be something to look out for. If one of these tools can shine on writing. Good call to actions that will have my attention because that is an important part to making money with your All right. Next up, we have a click this ad now and learn how we can help take your business to new heights. All right. We’ve got click this ad now and check some of our free tutorials. We’ve got click this ad now and learn more about our in-depth video tutorials that will show you how to start an online business from scratch.

And then we have click this ad now and get started learning today. All right. So these are all actual called actions because they’re telling you to do something and what you’ll get if you do it. So that is good. None of them were extremely enticing to me. I would say that Copysmith probably has the edge here with the idea formula. This is not half bad, though, so it’s definitely I would say it’s probably better than, which was the first video in this series.

We’ve got the same download options here and unique shareable links in. Next, we’re going to find out how easy it is to use Writesonic to write a full length blog post, whether or not that is even possible. Let’s get into it. All right. In previous tools, I’ve gone through the process of using their article idea generator and then I’ve gotten the article intro and then I’ve gotten the article outline. So very similar templates exist here inside of Writesonic.

But what’s different is they have this EHI article writer. This is similar to what we just saw in the previous video on rights on Copysmith excuse me, where they have a step by step process for actually writing an article. So this includes those other tools inside of it. We’ve got step one idea, step two intro, step three outline, so I’m not going to go through the individual ones here to just keep the video a little bit shorter. And honestly, it’ll keep me under my credit limit, which is, you know, nice that I don’t have to give Writesonic any money and I’ll fully experience their tool.

All right. So the target topic, I’m going to use the same target topic that I used inside of the Copysmith video, which was create a sales page for an online course and let’s generate some ideas. All right. So they’ve gone ahead and iterated upon that basic idea to give me more of a headline approach here. It says, how to create a sales page for your online course, the basics. Number two is how to create an awesome sales page for your online course.

Ten simple steps to create a sales page for your online course. You get the idea here. They’re all very similar. How to create a sales page 10 practical steps to outlining your offer. I’m going to look through these and pick out which one I think is the best. So I do have to call out that at least five of these are almost identical, if not actually being identical, because we’ve got how to create a sales pitch for your online course, how to create a sales page for an online course.

So rather than your they said and here we’ve got your again. Here we’ve got your. So you have a lot a lot of repetition. This one here is almost exactly the same, except it ends in the basics. So out of the 10 outputs that I got there, about half of them are the same idea with very, very slight differences and the iteration. All right. I’m going to go with this one right here. Number three, 10, simple steps to create a sales page for your online course.

I don’t necessarily think this is an amazing subject for headline, but it’s going to be the one I use here is kind of what I’ve got to work with. I can’t edit any of these outputs. So that was one nice thing inside of Copysmith, I was able to edit it along the way, which would gently nudged the A.I. as we move through the process. So here it is choosing number three, ten simple steps. All right. So it says one of the above articles and click the button to proceed to step two.

Let’s do that. All right. Now it’s asking me to write an intro for the article, which is interesting because the other apps, Copysmith, was able to just blast an intro out for me. I didn’t have to do anything. So let me go ahead and write something here related to an intro. All right, so I wrote an intro here to the article, and I’ll admit I took a decent amount of time on this. I did some iterations probably, you know, five or ten minutes just sitting here writing.

This is the type of thing that I think a lot of people are trying to avoid with their A.I. copywriting tools. So it’d be great if we could get some suggestions here and have it piped in without leaving this little step by step guide. There is an intro generator in their tools, so I don’t see why that’s not possible. So you see right here is the article intro. Now, I chose to go ahead and write it manually because that’s kind of what it wanted me to do in this sequence.

So here’s the intro that I wrote. If you’re an educator, you may think that selling is scamming and if your course is good, people will find it on their own. But what if they don’t? What if all of the hard work you’ve invested in creating the perfect course will never be seen just because you didn’t find an effective way to entice people to sign up? If you think your course can genuinely help people, it is your duty to create a great sales page that shows them how keep reading to learn at 10 easy steps to create a sales page for your online course so you can generate more revenue and help more people.

All right. So not the greatest intro of all time, but not half bad either. I think a lot of people probably would struggle to get this much out onto the page in a reasonable amount of time. So like I said, it would be nice to have a built right into this step of the process. All right. Let’s move to step three. All right. So in step three, it’s gone ahead and filled in my article title as well as my article intro.

Maybe another suggestion here would be to update step one, to call it the article title rather than an idea generator, because it didn’t really generate any different ideas. You kind of just gave me headlines. So just a little bit of feedback there. All right. Let’s go ahead and generate some outlines. You see, this is going to cost me a single credit. Now, I will say that this will be edited down. The other tools gave me a either fifteen second or thirty second kind of warning like this is going to take some time.

This tool does not do that. There was simply just a spinning circle and it goes pretty quick. I would say it’s probably on average about ten or fifteen seconds to generate things. All right. So I’ve got some outlines here. I’ve got five different outputs. So that is fewer outputs in general than we saw inside of Copysmith. I think it was around six or seven inside of, off the top of my head. So a similar amount there.

All right. So let’s look at these outlines and see if they’re any good. So what I’m kind of looking for here is a step by step guide to building a sales page. What are the components inside of a Steeles page that you’d want to follow? So introduction setup, writing, copy writing. is the entire point of a sales page building a purchase funnel for you in the text of. That’s not exactly you know what I envisioned for the article?

Video graphics calls to action and calls to engagement. Yeah, that would be part of the closing the sale and the conclusion. All right. So that’s not quite what I’m looking for. It seems like that is more in terms of like the tech how to set it up. We’re not really talking about persuasive copywriting. You know what you need to include on the page to entice people to sign up. All right. This one is kind of interesting.

It’s more along the lines of what I was looking for. It says, what is the sales pitch? All right. That’s pretty good. It’s important. Why should I create a sales page for my course? Who will benefit from this blog post choosing your template? That’s interesting because it’s almost as though we’re using an I copywriting tool to go ahead and build out a sales page. Now, there are lots of templates for sales pages that have existed long before any three tools existed.

So maybe they’re thinking more along those lines. We also have a section here on creating an effective introduction, creative writing, compelling copy, meeting, the benefit of your course, backing up your claims with proof, presenting your courses success stories. And remember to be specific about who you helped and how it changed their life, including numbers and statistics in your success story section. All right. So I think, you know, steps one through nine here are pretty good.

But the little weird subsections, you know, I guess those will be included in step nine. I would love to see like a conclusion section, as well as the intro paragraph to kind of tie all this together. And hopefully the I could help me write that as well. All right. I’m just going to thumb through the rest of these and pick out the best one. All right. I’m going to go ahead and choose number three here. It’s again, not necessarily just a perfect outline, but it is probably my favorite out of the possible options.

Make your course irresistible. Use bullet points, use a testimonial from satisfied customer use screenshots for visual learners, include a timer, tell people what they will get immediately after purchase, offer a lifetime access and one on one help sell more than one product at once. Offer bundles that give customers additional values like a sales funnel with up sales, and then have a video demo for those who can’t see the product in action. Kind of weird to say that down here.

If you can’t see the product in action, why are there including video then? But anyway, I think this is probably my favorite out of the five outputs that I’ve got. Frustratingly, there’s still no way here to edit things. So when I clicked on that, they took me up to the top, that was interesting. I was frustratingly there’s no way to edit things. I thought, you know, maybe I’ll click here. This looks like it’s clickable.

And it just took me to the top of the page, so I’m not sure why that’s there. I’m going to select this one and we’ll go ahead and move to the next step. All right. So now it is ready to generate the draft article. I can edit the outline at this point, so that is good to see. It’s telling me to make sure I have no more than 10 sections. I’m going to leave everything as it is for now.

Just for the sake of this video, I’d probably change it. In fact, I would definitely change it if I were planning to use this output. But I’m not. So let’s just see what it does with the outline it generated. All right. This is going to cost one credit for every two sections, which means it’ll cost about 10 sections here. I believe it is seven, eight, nine, ten. Yep. So it should cost five credits to generate this article.

And I have six credits available. So let’s go ahead and burn some credits. All right. This time it is telling me that’s going to take 30 seconds per section. I’ve got 10 sections. So we’re looking at in about five minutes here. All right. We are all done. It took roughly three minutes and 30 seconds to open here. So they sort of take about five. It definitely got done a little bit sooner. So we’ve got a little editor here.

I’m just going to without having read the article, same as I did in Copysmith, is giving some feedback on the layout here. It’s definitely a lot easier to handle. The line length is a little bit more reasonable, still wider than I’d like, but rarely do I get what I like when it comes to reading text online. So we’ve got a nice little text editor here with the headings as well as the normal text. So that is nice to see.

Worth noting that it does properly format the other headings to H2 tags and the primary heading to in each one. Not a huge deal when it comes to SEO, but it is the technically correct process is option down here to export your article, you can choose this time to text file or a word document. So that’s good to see. And of course we can still share the link right here. Another nice feature is over here on the left. You can regenerate a section and for a limited time, probably because this is in beta, it is free to regenerate a section.

So you could go ahead and completely change something here, add a section title and basically beef up your article without having to pay anything extra. So that is nice. All right. I mean, go ahead and read this and give you my feedback. All right. So having read most of the article here, I’m going to say that a lot of the output is much better than I saw. Instead of Copysmith, however, it still needs some work.

So I started off with kind of a bad taste in my mouth because this paragraph here was pretty much all garbage. It wasn’t very helpful at all. You can see it really echoes the intro paragraph or it starts with if you’re an educator. And here it says, if you are an educator with the goal of building up a sizable online course, you may be running out of time. Why am I running out of time? I was like, OK, this is kind of silly.

It goes on to talk about how if your course isn’t good, no one’s going to buy it. They’re not going to stay engaged. And that’s really not the point here. In fact, your course could be completely garbage. It could have, you know, some of the worst information inside of it. But you know what? No one’s ever going to see it if you don’t have a great sales page. So you’ll never get that feedback. Often courses can improve after they’ve had students go through them.

I’m not suggesting, by the way, that anyone makes a garbage course, but you won’t know until you get students through the door. And the way you do that is through having a good sales page. So this first paragraph, really, really you miss the point. It focuses on making sure that your course itself is very good. And I suppose that’s because of this headline. Right. So the point here was to make the course irresistible through the sales page.

So I’d probably want to regenerate this rather than talking about how to make the contents inside the course better. That’s not the point of the article. This second section here use bullet points to highlight the main points. I’m not sure it really connects to the subject, but it does have some pretty I’d want to rewrite the headline, but the content here is pretty reasonable. It also includes this really long quote from Justin Marlan. I want to look this up and see if this is a real person, but his quote is pretty good.

He says, I create a portfolio of videos for each course I’m creating. When I show a clip from one of my videos, I try to select where the buyer will see the most value. This really highlights the information that they can gain from your course. And when you frame a product in a series of videos, you get the best of both worlds, the value offer. Plus, you can also present the product in a way that will help find and retain a buyer.

So that’s a pretty decent quote, although it’s not related at all to this bullet points section where you are basically telling people to use bullet points in their how to use them. That’s the type of thing I would get into if I were writing this. However, the quote itself is interesting. Let me just do a little research here and see if Justin Maalin is a real person. All right, so Justin does not appear to be a real person, having Googled both his name as well as some of the text, he apparently said in spite of the article.

So that puts you in a little bit of a weird position, one you haven’t introduced to Justin Maalin is in your article. And two, he doesn’t appear to be a real person. So who can you actually attribute this quote to? Maybe you have to rewrite the quote to be more factual rather than someone else saying it. And that gets a little bit tricky. So overall, it’s a pretty decent paragraph. However, the information contained in it is definitely not going to be copy paste ready.

However, that is the next thing that I want to do is I want to go through this article and check it for plagiarism, make sure it doesn’t get flagged through Copyscape. All right. Selecting everything. And let’s head over to Copyscape. I’m going to paste in the text right here and see it’s all in there. All right. Here we go. Let’s go ahead and search this for plagiarism. And no results were found for the one thousand five hundred and eighty one words.

This cost me 17 cents to check this article for plagiarism. All right. So I’ll be totally forthright at this point. Writesonic is not at the top of my list as far as three tools. But let’s look at how they price things. You’ve noticed I’ve been going through with a free demo account, which gave me 10 credits. Now there is a both a starter plan, which is eleven dollars and twenty five cents a month when paying annually. That gives you seventy five credits, as well as going up to a professional plan which has unlimited credits.

Now, if I switch over to monthly here, you’re going to see there’s just a little bit more to do monthly versus annual. You’re not getting a huge savings. These prices are discounted already. So it’s got that sonic 55 reducing the price by 55 percent. So if you watch this after that promo is over, maybe the prices are going to be a lot higher, like eighty nine dollars per month. Now, you can also step up to their business plan, which is two hundred bucks a month regularly.

Four hundred and forty nine dollars. Let’s see what the difference is between the plans. So the main difference is going to be inside of the advanced features, which is that article and post Rytr that we just looked at with the business plan, you only get one hundred and fifty credits per month. The regular plan is 75 credits per month. So it seems like everything is shared there, probably across the whole plan of 75 credits. And if you go up to the what do they call this the business plan that is going to be twelve hundred credits per month, you can be able to create a lot of articles every month with that plan.

You do have the options you pay as you go. So at the low end, it’s going to be about 50 cents per credit. And then as you scale this up, so if I go up to two hundred and fifty credits, you can see it’s one hundred bucks there. So it’s getting cheaper. The more credits that I buy now to confuse things a little bit more, we’ve been looking at the marketing plans. There’s also these writing plans.

Let’s see how they differ. So for the writing plans, you’re not getting access to all of the tools. It’s more focused on specifically writing articles, writing a blog post. Right. So we’re seeing the blog ideas, the intro and the outlines. You get things like SEO, meta tags, landing pages, grammar fixer’s, that sort of thing. But you’re not getting access to the ADA format or, you know, the pain agitates solution format, any of that.

That’s not included. You’re only getting the blog post writer at the Top End here for one hundred and eighty bucks a month. If you’re just looking for a way to write a blog post, this seems like the best deal because you get two thousand credits versus the marketing platform, which is over two hundred a month, only gave you twelve hundred credits. So if you only want to get as many blog posts as possible and you don’t care about all of the other features, then the way to go is probably one of the writing plans.

All right, so there we go. Writesonic not a terrible tool, but definitely falling behind the pack in terms of just basic features, copy paste, the link sharing. All of that that we went over in the video is not quite where all of the other tools were. I’m also seeing a lot more duplication in terms of the outputs. If you get ten outputs back, you know, five of them being basically the same thing is not super uplifting, especially if you’re on one of the lower plans that’s based on credits.

Yes. They say you can take a screenshot, send it to support and hopefully they’ll accommodate you there. But if you’re working on a deadline, you don’t want to be taking screenshots and sending out the support, hoping that you get compensated on the back end, that just doesn’t seem like the best solution. So I think improving the tool to maybe just do a little bit of filtering, that would be the best way to improve that for your users.

That be my take on it overall, not the worst thing. I check this tool, as I mentioned the beginning of the video, I checked it probably back in February, around the time I was initially reviewing, which is now Jarvis. And it was quite bad at that point. Just to be blunt, I didn’t really feel like it was usable or worthy of review because the outputs were so bad. So it has drastically improved since then, but so have all of the other tools and I just don’t feel like it’s quite up there yet.

So so far we’ve reviewed three tools I’m going to be doing at least. Probably. Or more so, stay tuned, if you’re not already get subscribed, turn on the notification bell and we can together we’ll go through this journey and figure out what the best tool is for writing, whether you’re trying to write product descriptions or full length blog posts. Let’s get through it together. I’ll see you in the next review.

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