TickTick: Be A Productive Solopreneur While Working From Home

TickTick: Be A Productive Solopreneur While Working From Home

Personal productivity is crucial, especially when working from home or starting a new side hustle. Finding a system that ensures productivity can be challenging, but with the right tools and methods, it's achievable. This guide explores a personal productivity system using TickTick, a versatile project management tool suitable for various tasks, from managing groceries to complex project plans.

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Overview of TickTick

TickTick is highlighted as a preferred tool for managing personal productivity due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. It offers both a free plan and a premium plan for under $3 a month per user, with a special referral link provided to support the content.

Key Features:

  • Desktop and mobile app availability for seamless task management.
  • Standard project management checklist layout with customizable lists.
  • Integration of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method for productivity enhancement.

Setting Up TickTick for Personal Productivity

Creating Context-Specific Lists

  • Lists are created for each device (iPhone, iPad, desktop computer) and home tasks, enabling task organization based on context.
  • The addition of emojis for visual organization and the feature to group lists into folders for better management.

Utilizing Tags for Project and Area Management

  • Tags are used for grouping related tasks into projects and tracking time spent in different areas (e.g., family, writing, web development).
  • This system allows for a detailed overview of ongoing projects and personal time allocation.

Inbox Management

  • The inbox feature serves as the initial collection point for tasks, which are later processed to assign tags and move to the appropriate list.
  • Integration with personal assistants and email platforms facilitates easy task addition.

Task Processing and Organization

  • Tasks are processed by either completing immediate tasks, deleting irrelevant items, or assigning them to context-specific lists and tagging them appropriately.
  • The creation of "Someday," "Waiting," and "Reference" lists helps manage tasks based on urgency and dependence on external factors.

Habit Tracking

  • TickTick's habit tracking feature enables users to set and monitor daily goals, such as drinking more water, with reminders and progress tracking.

Smart Lists for Focused Task Management

  • Smart lists filter tasks by context, due date, and priority, focusing on what needs to be done next without overwhelming the user with a lengthy task list.

Calendar and Focus Mode

  • The calendar view integrates with third-party calendars, providing a comprehensive overview of scheduled tasks and habits.
  • The focus mode, including a pomo timer, aids in maintaining concentration on tasks for predetermined intervals.


This productivity system, leveraging TickTick's versatile features, facilitates efficient task management across different contexts, from daily chores to complex projects. By categorizing tasks, tracking habits, and focusing on what's next, users can enhance their personal productivity and achieve their goals more effectively. Whether you're adjusting to a work-from-home lifestyle or pursuing new ventures, this system offers a structured approach to managing your tasks and time.

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Get TickTick and support our content.

I’m using TickTick to boost my productivity. Try this simple & efficient to-do app. Make sure you use my link.
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