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What’s going on, everybody, it’s Dave here from Profitable Tools, and we’re back talking about Mautic again. Now, if this is your first experience with Mautic and maybe the video you’re about to see is interesting to you, make sure you head back and check out my installation guide. Mautic is a self hosted platform. You’ll need to learn how to install it. I also have a separate video about connecting Mautic up to Amazon. S Yes. So you can send emails to all of your contacts for about 10 cents per 1000 emails that you send out.

So Mautic is a really great deal. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of the extra work to get things set up and configured properly, as you’re about to see in this video, it’s actually fairly simple to use once you’ve gone through all of these hurdles to get started. All right. So without further ado, let’s hop over to Mautic. Now, this video is going to be all about how to send emails to your contacts, but it’s important to know that in order to send an email instead of Mautic, a contact has to be part of a segment.

So let’s get started creating a segment over here on the left hand sidebar. Go ahead and click segments and then add new. Now, it’s important to know that contacts can be part of more than one segment and how you decide to segment out your contacts will be specific to your business. But I’ll give you an example here. Let’s say I’ve got a free PDF guide on my website. When someone downloads it, I want them to be added to a segment of people who have downloaded that guide.

All right. I’ll call this PDF download and then I’ll go over to filters. Now, this is how we’re actually going to decide which contacts get added to this segment or not. In my case, I’m going to tag someone when they download a PDF on my website. So I’m going to go ahead and choose the tag filter and choose that right here. And I want the tag to include and I’m just going to say opt in. All right, great.

That’s all set up. I’ll hit, save and close. And here we go. Here is our first segment of PDF downloads. Now, let’s say that after someone downloads my PDF, I want to send them two or three more emails, maybe make them some offers for relevant services to the PDF that they just downloaded in Mautic. The best way to do this is to head over to channels and go ahead and start to add in the emails that you want to send to them.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to talk about scheduling quite yet. Inside of emails, all click, add new. Now I’m faced with a choice. I can either create a new template email or a new segment email. Now, this is very confusing because we just created a segment. So don’t we want to create a segment email for them instead of calling them template emails and segment emails? Let’s call them auto responders and broadcast. Right. So these emails over here, it’s as a template.

They’re going to be part of your campaigns. Your drip sequences and segment emails are going to be one time emails that go out like a broadcast for this purpose. Of course, we’re creating template emails. So it’s like this. Next, I can choose one of Modocs built in themes. Now I’ll mention that it is possible to create your own theme or download themes from off the Internet and upload them to Mautic. Very easy to do. So just click on the gear in the upper right hand corner, choose themes and you can go ahead and install your own themes right here.

But for now, we’re just going to stick with the default themes. I generally like to write plain text emails. I find that they can work much better. So I’m going to go ahead and choose this blank theme. Very important to choose the theme before you begin to write your email. Once you get into things, you can’t go back and change your theme easily. You’ll wipe out all of the progress that you’ve made. All right. There’s just a couple of things that are required here.

We have to give our email a subject and an internal name. This is what will be referring to as we build our campaign. So use something that’s identifiable here. I often like to number my sequences so that it’s very easy for me as I’m building up the campaign to see what order things are in next. Let’s open up the email builder over here. We can type in our email now. This isn’t a busy week editor. In fact, Mautic big weak point is it’s building experience, whether you’re building forms, landing pages or emails, it’s really just not a great experience.

So you can use something like Be Free, which is an email template builder. This works especially well if you’re sending out ecommerce emails where you might want to have a lot more control over the graphic design experience from here, you just create the email right inside of be free and copy and paste it over into Mautic. But for this, we’re just going to do a plain text email. I can go full screen in the editor over here and I find this is much easier way if I’m actually composing the email inside of Mautic, it’s much easier way to focus rather than having kind of the split view.

The editing tools are very similar to something you might find inside of WordPress or really any text editor. We can select text, create links, upload images, you can resize the image easily and of course there’s personalization tags. So if I wanted to include the first name of someone I was writing to you, I can easily do that with a curly bracket. I’ll just type first name and there we go. It’ll automatically dynamically insert the contacts first name when the email gets sent so that everybody gets a personalized email.

All right, let’s hit apply and close this email up and saving close back over email screen. We can see I’ve got one email entered. Let me go ahead and just add a couple more. I’ll be right back. All right. Here we go. I’ve got three emails created. The next thing to do is, of course, create the campaign. Before we do that, I do want to point out there is a little bit of analytics on this screen.

We can see how many emails have been sent for this. Template email. We’ve also got how many have been red. So from that it gives you a percentage. So is a quick kind of bird’s eye view of some metrics. There are a lot more reporting metrics available to you inside of Mautic, but there are some things that you can kind of just get used to seeing at a glance as well. All right. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and build out our dream sequence here.

For these three emails, I’ll head over to campaigns in new let’s give this campaign a name. Now let’s launch the campaign builder. The first thing that’s going to ask you when you create a new campaign is what is the source? Who are we going to be sending these emails to? Of course, we’re going to be sending them to people who are part of a segment. So let’s go ahead and choose the segment we created at the beginning of this video contact segments.

And here’s our PDF. Download our segment. I’ll hit AD to get started. Let’s hit the plus button at the bottom of this rectangle. And we’ve got three options. We can create a decision and action or a condition. Right now, we’re going to take an action. I’ll choose that. And the action is going to be to send an email and type in email here. And there’s the option I want. I’m going to call this initial email.

I’m going to have this email get sent a few hours after someone receives their PDF. So I’m going to do at a relative time period and they’ll changes two, three and choose hours. So they received this email three hours after they’ve been added to this campaign. I’m going to choose the email that gets sent out here. You can see all three emails that have already created or you can create one right from the screen. I do recommend just creating all the emails right inside of the channel screen.

It’s a lot easier to manage for the email type. I can choose between transactional emails and marketing emails. Basically, the difference here is that transactional emails get sent more than once so someone can fill out a form and get the PDF resend to them over and over again. Or a marketing email can only be delivered once. However, when you choose marketing emails, you can actually have the email attempted to be delivered more than one time in case there’s some issue with hitting their inbox.

Because I’m not actually delivering the PDF inside of this sequence. I’m just going to have them download it right after they fill out the form. I’m going to use marketing email because that’s really where the type of email I plan to send out. All right, let’s add. Great. So now we can see that after someone’s been added to our segment, they’re going to get added to this campaign where after three hours they will receive our first email. Now, at this point, we could follow the traditional route and maybe wait another day or two and send them another email.

But what if we got things a little bit more involved here? I’m going to go ahead and click plus and choose decision here. I’m going to choose open email. So now I’ve got two options over here on the green side would assume that someone is open the email and on the right side would assume that they haven’t open the email. If they haven’t open the email, maybe I want to send it to them again. It could be a very important email.

They can’t miss it. Maybe this second email doesn’t make sense unless they’ve read the first. Let’s go ahead and click this and I will choose action. Choose send email. I’ll call this recent email. No. One. Let’s wait two days to do this. I’ll go back to email number one and let’s hit AD now I’m trying to demonstrate the features for you here, but I just realized a fault in my logic. I just explained to you how this email will only be sent once, regardless of how many times it’s requested.

So what I really need to do is change this to a transactional email. Maybe this is the result of a quiz or it’s the PDF download that they requested. In that case, it would be a transactional email and it might be important that they receive those results before they get future contact from your marketing team. All right. With that slight logic error corrected, let’s go ahead and proceed. I’m going to create another email right here. We’ll choose action, send choose email.

And here is going to be email number two. I’ll have this send after two days as well. You know what? I don’t want to bother my contacts after work hours, so I’m going to choose between the hours of nine a.m. and five p.m. And of course, I only want to send this on the weekdays. So I’ll check that button right over here. This is going to be email number two, and this one will be a marketing email.

Let’s go ahead and add it. If someone’s read two or three or four of your emails, you might want to start to give them a little bit more attention. You’ve got some options on how we can do that inside of Mautic common. A way to do this would be simply to automatically tag them and insert them into another drip campaign. Well, that’s pretty easy to do inside of Mautic. Again, we’d go ahead and create a decision over here and choose open email, give that a name and hit ad.

And let’s say if they open this email rather than just sending them another one, I also want to modify their tags all at the green side over here and choose action. This time I’ll type in tags. Here it is, modify contacts tags and we’ll give him another tag, call them hot lead. I could also remove tags at this stage, which is important to note for now. I’m going to go ahead and leave at the tag on. And let’s add now after we’ve tagged them hot lead, let’s go ahead and send off our third and final email with the plus button down here.

Take an action, send an email. Now, you might notice there’s a little bug happening on the screen right now inside of Mautic. This happens quite frequently, I’d say maybe once an hour or so while I’m working inside of Mautic. This little message will just not go away. So I’ve really got two options here. I can can finish whatever I’m doing. Let’s say I’m going to add another email over here, which is pretty easy to do.

I’ll send this off at. Or another two days and hit add. All right, so now that I’ve added my third e-mail, I’m pretty much done with this campaign. But if I needed to get rid of this screen, really what I need to do is hit appli so that my changes sink in and then I can just refresh the page. Let’s open up the campaign building again. And sure enough, that little defect is gone. All right.

So let’s quickly summarize the sequence we’ve just built out here. When someone’s added to our segment, they’ll get enrolled in this campaign. After three hours, they’re going to get an initial email from us. If they open that email, they’ll go ahead and get email. Number two, if they don’t open that email, we send it again to them. Then if they open up both email one and email two, we’re going to add an additional tag, which could trigger an entirely different sequence of events.

In fact, we could just end this campaign right here if we wanted to. But in this case, we go ahead and send them one additional email as well. So you can probably see that the potential for very complex email campaigns is here inside of Mautic, although it could certainly be as easy as just firing off 10 emails in 10 days, not really paying attention to clicks or opens. All right. Let’s close this builder now before we wrap up this video.

We’re also going to talk about how to send off broadcasts or one time emails. This could be a weekly alert that you send out something like that. Let’s go back over two channels and choose emails, create a new email. Now, this time, we’re going to choose segment emails. Remember, those are the broadcast lists like that. All right. Let’s choose a template will be a little bit more creative here. Let’s choose this Spar’s template. It’s got some graphic elements.

Let’s go ahead and give this a subject line. We need to give it an internal name so that we can easily identify it later. And finally, we have to choose a segment. Who is this email going to go out to? Well, in this case, I only have one segment created. So let me go ahead and choose my PDF, download our audience. Let’s hit apply here and let’s open this up inside of the builder now and go ahead and customize my email.

However, I see fit when I’m done editing my email. Of course I’m going to want to send it now. I’ve got two options here. I can either send it right away or I can schedule it to be sent at a predetermined time. Sendy you right away is definitely the easiest thing to do. So we’ll just head back to the emails screen here. I’m going to open up the email I just created and just hit the send button from here.

It’s going to ask you how many emails you want to send in a batch and you just enter a no go ahead and hit send. Now, I don’t have any contacts, so there’s no emails to be sent. I’m going to go ahead and hit cancel here. Now, I’ve I wanted to schedule this email to go out. I need two things. I need to have a published date and I also need to have a cron job installed. So setting the published date is really easy.

Just go to the edit screen right here and we’ll go down to the published time. Let’s say I wanted this to go out at Monday at nine o’clock I’ll hit, save and close and I would be all set. But this email is not going to go out without a particular cron job installed. Now you only have to do this once and it’ll be set for all of the future emails that you send out. But we do have to roll up our sleeves and connect to our server via S.H. Once you’re logged into your server, you’re going to go ahead and type pseudo crosstab at Dashty hit enter.

You’re going to see all of the jobs that are currently running on your system. Go ahead and go down to the very last line and let’s go ahead and set this up to run every single minute of every single hour. Now I’m going to have a dedicated cron job of video coming out. So if these numbers are stars in this case are confusing to you, just go ahead and wait a little bit until that new video gets published. Who knows?

By the time you watch this, it might already be out. Now, I’m assuming you already have some cron jobs running. Otherwise, Mautic is not functional at this point. So you’re going to want to follow the path that you already have set inside of your current job editor. So let’s go ahead and copy this in one more time. And I’m going to add in this job right here, Mautic call broadcast Colen send once that’s all set up, go ahead and hit control, access to exit and save.

And now we’re all set up. Our emails will go out at the published time because our job will be running at every single minute. So I hope you’ve learned a little bit about creating and sending emails in Mautic. If Mautic is interesting to you, make sure you hit the subscribe on. I do have more great Mautic content on deck. Of course, I mentioned the Kraja video. I’m also going to create a video about how to get contacts off of your WordPress website and into Mautic.

And it doesn’t involve using the builders inside of Mautic at all because they’re giant train wrecks. All right. So that’s going to do it for this video. I hope you find it helpful. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button here, like if you’ve enjoyed it. And I’ll see you the next video.

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