Clean Up Your WordPress Site with Advanced Database Cleaner

Discover the secret to optimizing your WordPress site's performance with Advanced Database Cleaner. Learn how to efficiently remove bloat and boost speed

Clean Up Your WordPress Site with Advanced Database Cleaner


In this video, we dive into the common issue of 'bloat' in WordPress websites, caused by remnants left behind by uninstalled plugins and themes. We explore how this bloat affects website efficiency and discuss the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin as a solution to tidy up your WordPress site, enhancing its performance.

Key Moments & Details

  • Understanding WordPress Bloat: Bloat refers to leftover data from uninstalled plugins or themes, including unused tables in the database, orphaned entries in the WordPress options table, and other redundant data. This clutter can slow down your site and increase your hosting bill without contributing to site functionality.
  • The Solution - Advanced Database Cleaner: A plugin that addresses the issue of bloat by allowing users to clean up their WordPress database efficiently. The plugin is not part of WordPress core but is highly recommended for anyone actively managing a WordPress website.
  • Plugin Highlights:
    • Free vs Pro Versions: The free version offers basic cleanup capabilities, while the Pro version provides deeper cleaning options, including the ability to identify and remove orphan tables, options, and cron jobs.
    • Ease of Use: With just a few clicks, users can significantly declutter their WordPress database, improving site speed and efficiency.
    • Scheduled Cleanups: Users can schedule regular cleanups to maintain database efficiency over time.
  • Why Clean Your WordPress Database?:
    • Improved Site Performance: Cleaning the database can lead to modest increases in site speed and more efficient database queries, especially beneficial for e-commerce sites.
    • Reduced Backup Size and Faster Restores: A streamlined database results in smaller backup files and quicker restoration times.
    • Decreased Conversion Rate Impact: Slow websites can negatively affect conversion rates. Cleaning the database helps ensure your site remains fast and efficient.
  • Cautionary Advice:
    • Always Backup: Before making any changes to your database, ensure you have a complete and recent backup to avoid data loss.
    • Review Before Deleting: Carefully examine any data identified as orphaned or redundant before removal to prevent accidental deletion of important information.
  • Final Thoughts:
    • Advanced Database Cleaner Rating: 9.4/10 for its powerful cleanup capabilities, user-friendly interface, and the significant impact on site performance.
    • Reminder on Responsibility: With the power to clean and modify your database, comes the responsibility to use this tool wisely and safely.


Advanced Database Cleaner is a highly effective tool for anyone looking to improve their WordPress site's performance by addressing the issue of database bloat. Whether you're dealing with a slow website or just looking to optimize your site's efficiency, this plugin offers a simple yet powerful solution. Remember to backup your site before using the plugin and proceed with caution when removing data to ensure the best outcomes for your website.

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